the fall of fort lee

On November 20th, 1776 Lord Cornwallis captured Fort Lee. A victory for the British and a harsh blow to the American forces. 231 years later a group of very dedicated Americans celebrated this important historical event by donning breeches, weskits and tri-cornered hats while brandishing muskets. So fucking cool.


Too young for a bum knee. Much too long after suffering a torn ACL, I finally got the surgery.

I had to be at the hospital at 6am and decided to go on a last skate before hanging the board up for six months.

I guess the crosswalk signs get a little schizophrenic real late at night. It was a bit foreshadowing of my mobility for the next month.

They pushed my surgery back five hours. Rad.

The Culprit.

Ain’t skeered.


These gentlemen put me to sleep and cut me up. No sweat.

And then a month of this. Considering everything else that’s happened in the last month. This wasn’t bad at all.

Can’t wait to get back on the bike. And the board. Come Christmastime, I should have a new knee in my stocking.

Me and Hallie went to the puppy parade a little while back. What of it?

Yeah yeah…cute, I know.

keys and buttons

Every month I accumulate a folder of singles. It’s kinda like that draw you have full of buttons, ticket stubs, green paperclips, shoelaces and keys that don’t unlock any doors. This is last month’s singles.

Remember this guy? He knew I liked his paintings and wanted to show me a new one he was working on. She’s a friend of his.

Galen, Brian and Liz stopped by to say hi.

Galen is currently editing a documentary about a motorcycle trip he and Brent took to the North Pole. I smell a Cannes Official Selection.

A nun hit a woman with her car. Thank god the woman was okay.

Jah Jah has a band called Ninjasonik and they do a song called Tight Pants. But he’s usually a pretty mellow dude.

Brett Nelson freaks out sometimes and starts building things. He basically lives in a treehouse without the tree.

Tod Seelie sold Brett most of his home furnishings.

Brett Land and Brett Nelson went and got gentlemen’s haircuts. This is the last of those long locks.

Now they look slick.

Charles double screens it.

I don’t usually take pictures without people in ’em. But sometimes you stumble upon some magic and gotta do your best to capture it.

no occasion

Haven’t had much time to edit new photos, so thought it a good time to share these older ones.

sing your life

1 room, 2 mics, 3 hours, 4 friends, and over 75 hits.

Karaoke can be a sublime experience and I don’t care how damn excessive you think this is.

Heart of Glass


I Believe I Can Fly


End of the Road

Call Me



Don’t Stop Believin’

Paint It Black

We Are The Champions

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Wooly Bully

Rape Me


Cry Me A River

Sweet Caroline

Up Around the Bend

Happy Together

House of the Rising Sun

Heart of Gold

All My Life

More Than Words

Say It Ain’t So

Sweet Child O’ Mine

Born To Run


Thanks Andrew, Nicole, and Jay.

Since moving to NY, I’ve tried to explain how nuts my college experience was, especially living in the co-op. But anyone else that went to college is like, “oh yeah, my buddy Steve drank two 40s and had a hit of mescaline that sent him running around campus in nothing but a cardboard cape.” Well where’s your proof? When I was back in California I stopped by my old house and got mine.

Disclaimer: I wasn’t sure if I should even post these photos, but they’re so good. I did my best to cut off heads and cut out faces. However if you’re still offended and want me to remove any shots, please email me (at the bottom of the page) and specify the photo or photos you wish to be removed. I don’t want to bum anyone out and I have a feeling these pictures will make more than a few people happy.

halloween with strangers

Flew to SF to shoot a party for Vice. None of my friends made it in except Pat (he left twenty minutes later). But it was still fun and the weekend was even better.

It’s the end of an era. Our old house on 473 S. Van Ness got bought out. That was my last stay there. It was a good ten years and these guys held it down until the end.

Meghan made a banana costume but everyone thought she was a condom. Shoulda been a banana flavored condom.


Vietnam Vet inspired by Born in the USA (Demo Version).

The only dude to make the cut. Pat as Slick Rick the Ruler.

Wasn’t all that into Chromeo. Sorry.

Thanks for the trip, fellas.