Three photos a day until something else comes up.

Atreau has been one of my best friends since middle school.

For those of you who don’t know, Atreau isn’t his real name. It’s Matt Mercer.

He was visiting NY but leaves today. He’s actually a good vibe and I wish him the best.


Craig Murphey is quite handsome in that beauty light. And he still hasn’t taken off my TMNT hat.

Avoiding the family at Prospect Park.

Jon Newport likes a good skate before his first coffee.


That’s what I love about these high school girls, man: I get older, they stay the same age.
They played Dazed and Confused at McCarren Pool a couple weeks ago.

Some developers want to raze the old Domino Sugar Factory and some concerned neighbors are taking a stand. I pass it everyday on the bridge and always think of Ferris Bueller.

The hydrant across from my building was spewing for three days straight. I took this at 2 AM.


Liz was in NY when I got back from CA. She’s always good vibes.

We went to the park but got lost in clover.

It’s of my professional opinion that Liz should visit much more often.


Brett Nelson and I enjoyed strawberries we purchased with food stamps on a bench in South Brooklyn in late June.

There was a week when Brett would ask random guys what they thought about to keep from premature ejaculating and recorded it onto an old Pearl Jam dub.

Who could hit a face like that?

reigniting a revolution

It was Bastille Day, as well as my birthday, so some wacky folks from The Danger concocted a celebration called One Night of Fire. Three-thousand people met on the Brooklyn Bridge and marched into Manhattan to catch a train to Coney Island for fiery festivities. I’m not much into glowsticks or shimmery body paint, but visually, shit was ill.

Extinguishing the flame.

But letting the revolution burn on.

Partly to my relief and partly to my dismay, I turned 25 last weekend.

My roommates Lyssa and Craig took me to dinner. Little did I know they were scheming the whole time with their Blackberries.

These sweethearts-of-gold organized a surprise party. I had no idea. You’d think that I’d get a little more perceptive in my old age, but I was totally clueless. You girls are the best and started me off right. Thanks, Lyssa and Chrissy.

The only other surprise party I’ve ever had Hallie threw for me last February. She’s golden even when she’s making fun of me for taking pictures.

Dana and Mary gave me goldfish and I gave them to God.

San Jose’s finest.

The Bretts showed up. Brett Land just had his birthday too. HB!

Ben Ritter took more photos and blogged before I did. That’s why he’s a pro and I’m a hack.

Francis on his ninth beer.

Glamour shot.


Creep faces.

There’s some popsicical about Lil’ Alex.

So I let Craig borrow my TMNT hat a week ago and he’s worn it everyday since and pulled so many chicks. Seriously, it’s incredible and I feel like a jackass for sitting on that goldmine.

TYJK brought her milkshake to the yard.

Star cupcakes because because mama says I’m a star.

The girls next door.

I didn’t tell them to do this. It’s kind of embarrassing.

Maggie, you’re drunk!

Sam had her birthday a couple days before. We’re spreading Cancer like cancer.

So much love.

Fish face.

Dana got his first tattoo. The flood gates have opened. Expect a full back yin-yang by the end of ’07.

Me and Charles saw a transgender dude hit a kid’s ball on his bike and eat shit. He got up and had gold fronts on the top and bottom and a purse and he was upset because he ripped his tights. True story.

25. Face.

Whew! Throwing such a good party is really hard work. Thanks again, lovelies.

the park

Due to a fortunate series of events, I ended up in San Francisco on July 4th.

Sandy has star quality.

Everyone was at Dolores for the Fourth, including Chelsea and her pup.

Sometimes hotdogs and fireworks aren’t enough. People need Chun Li and tiger punches to celebrate properly.

Benny Gold is a grillmaster.

This is Fecal Face darkman and Unpiano proprietor Jesse Pollock.

JumpxZine Jordan.

Cheeto tounge Jordan.

It’s like a middle school dance.

That’s fresh urine homegirl is treading through.

Hot and heavy.

Getting paid while others get drunk.

This was all the fireworks I cared to see in the park that day.

Ben, Young Alex and Jean-Paul met up for Cancun burritos. I ate four in three days.

Ben let me borrow his beater bike.

This was on the bus through Oakland.

I found this little one in Berkeley.

Shirt made shorts.

Galen Jackson was getting juiced up for our ride.

He insisted that we visit the Chancellor’s house at UC Berkeley and nailed it down his stairs.

Pull-ups at 7500 feet.

This was originally going to be the splash page for this week. I don’t know what it’s about, but it’s magical.

Picking berries.

Eating spikefruits.

This could explain everything.

At the end of our ride we met Tut. He’s a member of an increasing faction of Afrocentric Egyptians. Sometimes you just gotta go for it.

I didn’t know the flea market had a pharmacy.

Back in SF for Kristi and Chelsea’s birthdays.

There was a bounce house at the bar.

It really wears you out.

Cameron made it to Soul Nite for about five great songs.

Remember thizz face? Lyssandra does.

Last day. More Dolores. People laughing, people dancing, a man selling ice cream.

Sandy snapped this one. I swear.

And she was rewarded with Maggie Mudd’s.

Cameron loves his shakes.

It was good to be back in the Mission. This is Young Ghost and the 19th Street Lords.

That wraps up a nice 4th of July vacation. Watch yourself.

I just finished the Emerica Wild Ride. And it was just that. Part of my filming job was acquiring releases and taking Polaroids to match those that signed. Here are those and some of my own to give you a glimpse of the trip before I get into the real story.