black weekend

Black Friday we went to Union Square to view the madness. Jeremy brought his recorder, an Emily Dickinson volume and fresh-baked rolls. He wanted to offer something for free on a day of such pricey consumption.

The rest of us used the consumers as body-shields during a heated game of capture the flag, hence the arm bands.

But there’s always time for pie breaks.



I thought there was about to be another Rodney King outside my window, but didn’t stick around long enough to find out. It takes them so damn long to run your license.

Cuter than a one-legged pigeon.

Cuter than every baby squished together into a giant deathstar of snot and diapers.

This is Sugar, Under’s play date. Sugar’s sweet as she sounds.

I like how these kids used skateboards as goalposts.

Chloe already blew this one up. I must have taken this in a fit of sonambulance.


All the tables at Cancun were dashed in salsa and tortilla chip crumbs because these guys were in the back gambling. I’ll gladly bus my own table for a chance at that pot.


This is the silliest emergency brake I’ve ever seen. Might as well construct an ejector seat too.

This salon specializes in melding your feminine and masculine sides into one utter hunk/babe.

more cranberry sauce

Hallie had a Pilgrims & Indians party at her house just before TDay. Cameron stole the show.

But that’s not to say Emily wasn’t a picture-perfect pilgrim.

A lot of the party took place out here so people could send cigarette smoke signals to alert others of the gathering.

Brian and Rachael tried to share their heathen ways with Emily, but her puritanical values could not be overcome. Until the tobacco and firewater came out.

These braves showed us how to plant popcorn kernels outside in the garden.

Then showed us how to call the rains. When their dance failed, they just peed on the dirty popcorn.

Smallpox, bro.

Cameron couldn’t stop talking about how nice it is to wear a thong.

Stage right.

Stage left.

What a catch! Seconds before dropping her.

What is with these girls and their creepy mitts?

Karl and Cameron stretching it out.

Rachael’s a squaw and Emily’s an adulterer.

Adrienne and Julian were in the next room impersonating Joanna.

After Hallie’s powwow, I went back to SF and met Sandy at another dinobus gathering.

Hunter was there trying to explain Little Bunny Foofoo while on the bus.

I think this guy owns the dinobus. If not, he should.

Edgar and Patti fed Sandy too much whiskey.

Making themselves comfortable.

A scrawny wolf smelled fun.

Karl rode a wheelchair from his house out to the party. He lives by a “why not?” policy in which he’ll do anything unless he can find a really good reason not to.

Sly Stallone had to arm-wrestle a thousand dudes for that truck. Edgar and Patti better watch out.

Remember that lady I took a picture of for ECSTATIC? I found her again and she told me to email this picture to her church.

Alex Klein was in town for TDay and he bought this gold lame jacket as well as a wrestlers unitard at Goodwill.

We did some cleaning up at our house. I guess Vic thought once set of crutches was enough. Check the alley across the street for those, a skim board, a snow-skate, some suitcases and hundreds of ratty skate shirts from the mid-90s.

Mike Short and Malina had me over to their lovely home for vegan Thanksgiving.

English James fixed me up a virgin cocktail. That poison skull is just to fool the babes into thinking I’m tough.

Just a portion of our spread.

…And we’re feasting.

Mike jumps in there.

I went vegan on Thanksgiving five years ago, so I celebrated by sufficiently stuffing myself to the point of severe discomfort.

But there was still so much food. I felt like I was letting my team down.

By the time dessert came out, I was recharged. It’s the fourth quarter that counts the most.

It was a vegan TDay so we didn’t eat Mike’s cat Fred. Now if Alf was invited…

Thanks to everyone that sent me love. I didn’t expect so many friendly messages. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgibbin’. From now until New Years, KOIT 96.5 is playing only Christmas music. I’m so psyched.

a soul set adrift

I miss Elias like you don’t even know. The least he could have done was buy my approval for his leaving with just a little bit of the $15,000 he had in cash.

Since his unexplainable disappearance, I’ve taken to wandering through the park late at night.

At one point I ended up in a karaoke bar, which apparently moonlights as a brothel. My friends and I were the only non-Asians in the place except for the pasty white man singing karaoke in Mandarin. Fuck it, I’m going to Berkeley.

Even weirder is the Wigeon, Jerry’s new tattoo. A pigeon with the head of a wolf. I have nightmares about these.

And Bob recently got a shakka. Just keepin’ it real, brah.

Julian Harmon is one good dude!!!!11

It was Marcy’s 33rd birthday.

She had a rager of a birthday party and got hella low.

There were many many people there who strangely had green teeth.

Gord and his little sister.

Bob works out.

Channing house had a couple people over.

Pretty girls and even prettier Andrew.

Group Photo!

Dylan doesn’t even know who the Surgeon General is.

Alli avoiding Team Young.

Little Eleanor gets creeped on.

Hallie was supposed to be writing a paper. Instead she was writing the book on Party Mode.

Just as good as a smile.

Hallie:Party::Cyclone:Scranton, KS

College kids know how to party.

coming up and going away

Chloe and Pat had a show, but everyone was there so this is old news.

Chloe rocked the mic.

Kari was touched during “Battening the Hatches.” Weren’t we all?

Pat practiced until 8am that morning, writing new songs for our listening pleasure.

I think he said he has over 300 songs he’s done or that are in progress. Each one is a gem.

The Jerm.

I was fortunate enough to get a photo with the star. She autographed my lower back and I’m going to get it tattooed.

Everyone defected after the show so me and Meghan built our own cupcakes.

Then Karl came to the rescue and said there was a dino-bus in which kids were playing a show. It ruled.

The street was madness with kids bombing the entirety of an untouched warehouse wall.

“Don’t Stop Believin'” was booming out of her blaster.

Met the folks for breakfast at St. Francis the next day. Cameron drank a mimosa, coconut soyshake, coffee and water before either of his two entrees came out. He loves payday.

St. Francis has the most amazing display case of vintage candies and collectible trading cards. Candy doesn’t go bad and Yo! MTV Raps trading cards never go out of style. This is a diner in the most classic sense.

I love chillin’ on the stoop photos.

This photo was actually taken a couple Saturdays ago on Sandy’s camera, but somehow it ended up on my memory card and I wanted to use it. Headgear, fools.

Cameron and I break bread a lot. This time it was Racha Thai which was unfortunately bought out and will be called UC Noodle. I lived off the $2.50 rice, broccoli and peanut sauce for five years while working at 510. No more, Norm says, no more.

I used to think Nicole was a babe. Now I’m just creeped out.

Special Dessert party at CZ.

Kids hopped up on cake.

This shoulda been vegan.

Rather than cake, they feast on this at Cloyne co-op up the street.


Designer lip pieces.

The first kiss is always the most awkward.

My roommate Elias has this bright idea that he’s going to move to Austin, TX (yes, Texas!) and open a skateshop with his twin brother. This is his going away party. This is my mourning.

Johnny Roughneck organized it and we took over the bar.

Pete and Vic make really good photos.

Popping four-dollar champange.

The party raged on in our kitchen as our new roommate and chef extraordinaire, Natanya, baked chocolate peanut butter cakes and chocolate souffle cookies until 5am.

We talked shit and told her how it was done.

The night ended with an enormous bag of popcorn. Just as much ended up on the floor as in my mouth.

Then it was Joya’s birthday. You’re never too old for curly fries and ranch dressing.

Happy Thanksgiving, murderers.

singles 11.9.2006

UnderDog is our newest roommate.

Toe nibbler.

He’s got pug papers, but I think he’s part hamster.


Morning ritual.

Morning diversion.

Greg grants free access.

Shaun curated an art show with Anticon and displayed a few of his own.

Stein is as Woody as one gets.

Brian was Born in June.

Beware of Stein.

Fiesta de la Cocina de Bicicleta.

The moon was emitting an eerie halo on Saturday night. They’re coming….

Sandy over the Richmond.

Danilo had to make a movie and enlisted the help of Hunter Jackson.

Hunter has star quality.

After jumping around these mounds, a city worker asked us if we liked playing in shit. Sure we do.

Benny Gold on his birthday.


From Aaron King’s perspective.

Sandy screenprinted all day. She had paint in her hair and didn’t even care.

Sleeping buses.

I found the night watchmen keeping an eye on things.


It was an uneventful weekday night, so I decided follow Jeremy and Malcom on a dumpster diving excursion. Lovable and eccentric, they’re those kind of kids.

Timbuk2 didn’t have any bags, just lots of fabric.

The infamous chocolate dumpster is just a block from my house. Could be bad news.

The dark chocolate Scharfenburger squares, like black pearls, were hidden amidst the garbage.

The bread people were still baking but they didn’t seem to mind.

What America thinks of France.

There’s an olive loaf in there somewhere.

Jeremy found the pot of golden produce at the end of Rainbow Foods.

Digging for the greens.

Tomorrow’s dinner to go.

The same kids were at the Alemany Farm Harvest Fest.

The farm is a single acre off the highway with all kinds of good things growing.



Folks sat on haystacks and played music.

Kids went on hayrides.

And jumped over shit like kids should.




Then everyone went to Maggie Mudd’s and foraged some change from their pockets for vegan ice cream.

Halloween on a Tuesday has a lot of climbing and falling action. Starting with Thursday, rising on Saturday, dropping on Sunday and climaxing on Tuesday. It was hard to maintain constant excitment. But with Hallie as a partner in crime, how could one not be psyched for all the spookiness.

We started off in the Castro. I shot lots of people. But only with my camera. All the Richmond and Hayward fools who shot people with guns are ruining it for the rest of us.

Band practice.

San Francisco has very few kids, so this was a novel sight.

This, however, is standard fare.

Marvin the Martian was freaking it all over the place. He was probably one of the people who got shot.

A big ol’ Jack.

At Marvic’s house, Hallie found her unlikely twin. Jesse actually made his skelly-suit though.

We kicked it on the balcony above the madness and heckled costumed passerbys.

Jesse saw some boobs down below.

They pelted people with candy. The random bridge and tunnel kids in tall-tees were not amused.

Jesse, AK and Cam with backs to the action.

Someone found the real Frank Chu outside. He’s the crazy 12 Galaxies guy that protests downtown.

He seemed to appreciate Marvic’s smorgasbord of snacks and beer just as much as the costumed Frank Chus I saw everywhere.

I’m a cactus, okay?

The remaining troopers circumnavigated the crowds to get back to the bikes and set out in search of spookier parties.

There’s a lot to be said about life and death and the Catholic church in this photo. But instead they said, “whooooooooooooooooo.”

Hallie felt light as a feather. Nothing but a bag of bones.

Turned these kids to raisins for looking at me wrong.

Ned was on his way back from a jewel heist when we found him and convinced him to come to a party at my old house on Fell.

Alex was crazed and Australian Keegan was proper American whitetrash.

Just after we got into the house, a group of ninjas threw a smoke bomb into the stairwell.

They were stealthy and silent, creeping around corners and slicing fools. It was really rad actually.

AK left for Mexico this morning to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, because he does things like that. I’m sure Hallie would want you to know that she took this one.

I don’t know if Danilo is being racist and doing his best Japanese face or I just caught him with his eyes closed.

Borat had all the dance moves.

Parra Bros. out of the house and enjoying life.

Journey was blasting. It’s not Monster Mash, but it’ll do.

Dancefloor mania. If only for one song.

I will prick you so hard!

Being cute all the time can get wearisome.

Just as much action outside as in.

Caroline and Chloe are both from NC, but had their big break as Michelle in Full House.

Sandy with yet another wig.


Damn nutter moved to LA this morning. Gotta be crazy.

Elias was dressed up like all the people who weren’t dressed up in the Castro.

Lomax felt like the ears of corn were integral to his “grown-up Huck Finn with a beard” costume.

Fun fun, but no smashed pumpkins, no soaped windows, no tee-peed trees, no candy stealing. Whatever will we do?