Kristi was talking back and got a fatlip. Just kidding, she fell down the stairs. F’reals.

Icing that lip with watermelon on a stick.

–“She said what?!?”
–“Oh, no she din’t!”

Mama Marcy cooked up a serious pot o’chili and some conbread. I love me some ground hamhawk.

Meghan was breaking (in) the hammock.

Liza daydreaming about me.

Nikola’s fashion sense is on a whole other level.

But he’s still got a good sole.

Chelsea’s such a drama queen.

“Why are you looking at me?”

World domination.

Cameron bought football jerseys back from Croatia. Don’t mistake it for patriotism.

Marcy and Austin have curly hair and kind hearts.

Cameron’s working on his stable. Read Iceberg Slim for details.

Pat came to the patio potluck just barely five-and-half hours late. Always good to see PP, no matter what time it is.

Chloe’s got a fever of 99.1?!? I think she more cute, cantankerous and caustic than contagious.

Morning Benders played on Saturday. Pre-show Falafel Posse.

Dylan and Jerry fighting for most uninterested expressions.

Greg before bursting into laughter because I’m hilarious.

AK fraternizing with two very excited 18 year olds. (Nicole–If things don’t work out, email me.)


Five-one-oh past and present. I thought you quit cancer, Andy.

Front row. There are about a million photos of the Morning Benders, but I’m saving them for the band.

Jake Baker just moved from Boston and is good at making friends.

Adrienne is a lovebryan intern, even if she doesn’t know it.

Chris Chu all sweaty after his killer preformance.

Joe knows how to navigate the Rhodes.

Julian plays drums like Animal from the Muppets.

Van is a maniac. I guess that’s what three months at sea does to a man.

Morgan, Jordan and Kari are further proof that all of Berkeley came out for the show.

Bob looks kinda weird.

Chelsea and Asa overexposed.

Jesse and Jenny.

Rachael and Elise look like they’re up to something.

I think Chelsea likes creepy photos. They look punk.

Actual height.

How come I can never get away with stuff like that?

Anya was probably trying to seduce Chelsea because I didn’t take this photo.

I’m working on my posture. I want to be a better person.

BBQ at Brian’s house. I made it on time. Brian mugs next to the wreckage of last week’s event.

Dev mans the kebabs. Deeelicious.

Stein likes lime. However, cucumber-chili is the best flavor there ever was.

Brian with the backyardside disaster.

Dylan on the wall.

Manidis up there.

Alabama made it the highest though. I was too busy freaking out about how cute she is that I missed the photo.

The three loudest, most obnoxious kids I love.

Brian’s got a good house.

The various backyards of San Francisco.

Danilo was chugging wine from a mug at Jess’s house for a Free Cong Do celebration.

Harry had this patch on his backpack. I haven’t seen this logo in years. It reminded me of when I used to be a little boy. The killer in me is the killer in you.

Bien played us a phone call they recorded from Arnold Schwarznegger. He called to welcome back Bien’s father. She told him “danke schoen” as they hung up.

boys club

The ghosts of the 473 House Past kidnapped current residents, Elias and me, and took us to the miniramp.

Cairo (middle room) floats a frontside ollie and Vic (front room) poses.

Brian Uyeda (darkroom) stuffs his face.

Darin (front room) sneaks a warm beverage between back smiths.

Cairo made this beautiful back noseblunt. If I knew how to shoot skate photos, you’d be able to see how much the ledge inclines up.

This is where Ben Weiner and I go with our Vietnamese sandwiches. He loves defying gravity.

The kids at Arizmendi. Chelsea recognized Jake’s tattoo even though he just moved here from Boston.

Bob is the newest blogger on lovebryan. He’s making grandiose claims. But for the most part he keeps it low-key and tries to blend in with his surroundings.

Jesse Phalen is one good guy.

Mistah Fab came to 510 to do a signing for his signature Hubba wheel. Didn’t even know who dude was. But if Julian reps homie, then he must be cool.

There were a lot of fans waiting.

For this guy!

And his yellow bus!

He signed Andrew Kyle’s Ghostbusters 2 shirt.

I was a little more interested in the new art window by Andreas Trolf.

Sally Slap and Lauren made friends with Fab.

I made friends with Jamie Hustle’s dog, Choco.

Choco and Jesse got hyphy.

Choco needs some gold fronts like these.

And I need some rims on my board like those.

Sounds like a bargain.

Cameron came back from Europe sporting the dual snaggletooth, smuggling guns and representing America’s finest machines. Wonder what happened out there?

I slept at Channing house and woke up to the Berkeley High Marching Band playing “Ironman” by Sabbath. If that wasn’t weird enough, I found this cup in the kitchen.

Sometimes Belle wants milk. Sometimes she wants wine. Sometimes one right after the other.

I was at Kingman this weekend and there’s this old mural that Danilo did of Pat.

Slash creep.

Nostalgic for my old corner.

Greg got a pirate pinata for his birthday.

And whompled it.

Bob got a new motorcycle. He’s really into “things with wheels that can kill you.”

This pup rules.

You always gotta finish with your favorite photo of the set. Ender-ender.

ten percent

Some guy told me this joke:
Q: Why do they only let ten percent of women in heaven?
A: Anymore and it would be hell.
Lately, I’ve been hanging out with about 95% girls. They’re filling up my memory cards. I love girls and here are some of the girls I love. (I apologize in advance if you’re a girl and I love you, but you’re not featured. Poor timing–most of the photos are from the last week.)

Hallie. Everyone loves Hallie. She visited me in San Francisco and bought me dinner. She takes good care of me.

She also loves big cocks. So much that she got one tattooed.

Anya. Caught in the headlights at CZ.

The reason dinosaurs went extinct? Too many rubbers.

Morgan. Last name Wadsworth.

Kari. How cute is she?

Two-handing a beverage.

Walked in on a dance party.

Anya’s all over the place.

Bowie says, “Let’s Dance.”

Marcy. First time I’ve seen her since her triumphant return. We ate hella vegan cookies.

Eatin’ dirty face.

Chloe. Well, her boobs anyway. They were having a moment with Kari.

Chloe is very underrepresented in my photo library. I had to dig this one out from the crates because if I posted this without her, there’d be hell to pay. Hang out more, girl.

Chelsea. BFFF. Best friends forever, finally.

She didn’t find anything good at Thrifttown. Pobrecita.

Noelle. We get Papalote’s and eat in DP. Something of a routine.

Nice gear.

I’m her official Myspace photographer. I unabashedly take pride in that.

Kari came over just to beat me in Chinese Checkers. Next time.

Kristi. With her friend Madeline. I miss her dog Chiquita already. Poor pup had to relocate to the midwest for the rest of the year.

Ying. There are times when she doesn’t like to be photographed.

Katherine. She threw up in her hand a little bit.

Meghan. Celebrated her birthday with a deelicious potluck. I ate myself sick.

Happy Birthday. Hope you get that hang glider you’re wishing for.

Rachael. And another dance party spontaneously combusted in Meghan’s room.

Hallie’s got the bling of death.

Shelly and Mila. The Stilettas make a cute couple.

Laura and Karen. They’ve both got boyfriends apparently.

Nicole and Linda. My Thai friends! Sacrificed their cow-print couch for weeks on my account.

Liz. A sweet conundrum.

Only 95% of my photos were of girls. Here’s the other five percent. Assorted singles.

These same shoes walk in different directions these days.

Ben Weiner is a good friend. It’s going to be a shame when I have to beat him in SKATE.

Ilya represents for the blog.

Vegan cookies at CZ. Totally worth a trip to Berkeley.

Art by Chelsea and Brodie. OCD by Bryan.

Chip selection at the Vietnamese sandwich spot.

Hamburger Eyes opening at some swank gallery.

I heard they cut the limb down at Billy Goat Hill. Tis a shame.

Ken Goto on the way to his photo showto.


Cones carry flowers, sidewalks contain roots, buildings shade the sun and we give our hearts to the City.

wild is the wind

It’s been a long week.

This insect had a pitchfork attached to its snout. En route to Berkeley.

Since moving into this dope room, I’d been sleeping on the floor. Pat and Danilo came through for a midnight bed pickup. Danny held it down while we drove.

Elias got us the hook up at Great American for the Cat Power show. She played two hours and it was her second show of the night. Just an electric guitar, a piano and that heavenly voice. I swooned.

Elias knows a deal when he sees one.

Louis was in town from Berlin before moving to NYC. We kicked it at the beach.

Bien just got back from Paris. She was missed.

Jihaari’s birthday.

It was a cupcake party. I ate all the vegan ones and this was the only thing left for birthday wishes.

Ben came through to show me that no matter how nice my bike is, his is nicer. Also, he was on his way back from a barbershop in Hunter’s Point. They gave him an icy hot fade and goatee.

After Ben gave me some parts and my wheels finally arrived from ebay, I completed my bicycle. Yeah, it’s alright.

Hallie treated me to Herbivore. I ate so much that people were stopping by the table to congratulate me. All those sundried tomatoes were devoured. Thanks, Hallie.

The same day I finished my bike, I decided to buy a Canon 20D digital slr. This is one of my first photos with the new camera.

Micah hangs out at our house a lot and leaves his sneaker collection under my bed and in my closet.

Liz came over to paint bikes.

I wanted to jazz up my old one for resale and she just needed a touch-up on the Almond Breeze.

Looks like she started to painted the fence or something, but I don’t think she did.

I’ve got a good view.

Ying invited Elias and me to go sailing and this was our vessel.

Ying is very photogenic.

Eli eyes the horizon.

Dan was our inside man and arranged for our passage.

I was ready to sail to Alcatraz and take it over in the name of the American Indians again, but no one knew what I was talking about, so I shut up.

Elias with the angles.

We got real snacky on this journey. Add in some wasabi peas, chili-lime chips, soy jerky and trail mix and you might be getting close.

Flight of the albatross.

This was my maiden voyage on a sailboat.

They were all spitting loogies off the side, bunch of nasty roughnecks.

Ying demonstrates the exploding fists.

Two things she always wears.

Born and raised.

Joya and I are reunited as roommates again. Love that dude.

Feeling haggard.

Morning bell.

Elias chases his whiskey with matte.

Atreau stopped by. I think this is an accurate visual of his last week. Send him some love.


Anya, aka Little Feather, came to visit me and we went to Baker Beach.

Solo see-saw.

My lens makes for nice portaits.

Hoods at the beach. This southern boy never knew.

Danilo, Pat and Co. showed up.

Danilo left some pictures for the tides.

Lucky lady.

Felix leaves his mark.

The crew heading toward the nude section.

This man was in a sweater and a hat on a brisk day, just hanging out. No pants, no worries. Baker beach is a weird place.

Felix is never to be outdone.

I really like my new camera. Maybe one day I’ll learn to use it.