run run run

Lots of exercise and nudity in this one. Enjoy.

Right in the midst of finals a bunch of kids decided to streak through the library at midnight. I just happened to be “studying.”


Our real intention was to steal their clothes while they were running but there were too many kids and too many clothes.

Butts and Blades.

Anti-streaker. No shame.

Back to cramming for bio.

Kari had a birthday bonanza. Mike was ready.

I’d just came from work and was more into the midnight fog than the brain fog.

Anya barnacling Patrick.

Anya, Courtney, Anya and Courtney.

Kari has more pictures from the party before falling asleep on the bar bench.

Bob went to a different party and was also sleepy afterwards.

Jon bought a FAPE hoody and utilized the full zipper.

Misty sunset at Cameron’s graduation party.

Tasty cuisine at Mimi’s graduation party.

Ready to take on the world.

I went to Bay to Breakers on Sunday morning. Everyone I was supposed to go with slept in (the devil’s practice). Undeterred, I was stretching it out for the race.

Those sleepyheads missed all kinds of cool things, like this Trojan Horse full of booze.

And these toros full of booze.

And even a woolly mammoth full of booze. They get really creative at this thing.

It’s a 12k race and the Kenyans always win it in a half-hour but parades of tens of thousands run/walk/crawl/stumble from Embarcadero to Ocean Beach dressed silly and keeping (de)hydrated on beer.

Nice heels but no good for running. Must’ve been a spectator.

Liz came with me. She was the only one.

But I had to carry her the whole time.

As I was walking around, this zebra came up to me mouth gaping. It was Julie, we studied abroad together in New Zealand four years ago and I haven’t seen her once since leaving that island. Crazy!

“Damn yeah.”

Do it.

Orange guy hits on Smurfette. Silver woman sulks.

He’s got a smile like Mona Lisa.

We took the bus back and there were lots of normal people. I suddenly felt a little out of place. But can you really beat that color combo. C’mon.

home and homeless

Despite being homeless and broke, it’s really nice being back. All these fun things are happening every day. Lots to celebrate too. And it’s only going to get better; I’m getting my very own room this Saturday.

Happy Birthday, Kari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Graduation, Cameron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was quite the event.

Brian kept cool.

Happy First Show Ever, Chloe!!!!!!!!!! She dedicated a Mt. Egypt song to me. And her singing made the sky blush.

Julian’s got his Vans on and they look like sneakers.

AK suffers the lightsaber-saw.

Whoever thought to bring silly string is a genius.

Alex Klein will be in Europe all summer. Sucks for us. We kicked it before he left.

Ben sits Indian style.

Best dudes I know.

Anti-gravitational cool-out. I stole that from Brian Christopher.

Hi, Liz.

Blake, Liza and I are all “displaced” and went camping as a remedy. Blake woke me up at 5:30 am. At least I got a photo out of it.

Marcy on her roof. Pink on the horizon.