coastin the coast/pokerface

a couple week ago we took a 3 car caravan on an unofficial push tour to the coast of north carolina. i hope you have some time to dedicate to this one, i took a lot of photos.

open road. 8 hour car ride.

the young gun car. we left a day later than everyone else. go figure. myself, rorey, j.fyle…

and jacob. also on the trip were rob, ryan(MVP), rj, layne, kevin (sometimes steven), and matt. wylie made it out for a few days at the end.

a blessing?

rain was a pretty constant theme to the week.

somewhere just past the peidmont region there is a town called mount olive. it is shockingly flat and no one there seemed to mention olives. it is, however, the pickle capitol of the country.

were a very mature bunch.

surely there was more to this town than pickles, right? nope. its all anyone talked about. that is, at least, at the one gas station we stopped at. this man had 3 teeth.

these two slept 80% of the time they were in the car, even if it was only a five minute drive.


when we finally made it to the coast, the first stop of the night was eastern skatepark. its the best park ive ever seen. i fucked my ankle up pretty proper a few days prior to the trip , so i couldnt skate it. goddamit.

rorey, wallie up and over.

carolina beach. nightlife. short-sleeve button up posse.

justin swears he wasnt flexing for the camera.

johnny lives right on the beach. his house is the shit.

rj, a little dissapointed in jacob, maybe?

all the old guys (and rj) went to bed around one or so. rob gets really pissed when you fuck with his sleep. our car went and explored carolina beach.

were a really mature bunch.

this was at 4am WASTED. i really thought rorey was going to break his legs.

or faceplant.

most of us slept on johnnys porch. it was good.

its time for…

the beach!

ryan lookin pretty serious about boogie boarding.

rob, pondering.

ryan, tough boogie. jacob, camera go-to. rob, still pondering.

i guess he was trying to figure out how to tame a wave.

skimboarding is hard.

i gave up pretty quickly. somehow i gave myself a hot pocket on that fucking thing.

“you just gotta do it like this, bro”.

rj was a total local for a day.

back at johnnys to change and go to the park. this was justin and jacobs prep for pretty much everything.

lots of cool things happened at this park but i was too busy bitching about my ankle and not being able to skate to take photos. rorey, fs ollie.

after the park, jacob ollied this bump to bar a few times.

then he 180d it really, really good..but all my photos of it suck.

another enemy of the sun.

footy check

next spot needs the genorator. we had made it to wilmington by now.

technical difficulties…

started working after a few minutes though.

coupla tries…

jfyle, frontboard fakie.

next spot, the infamous wilmington double-set.

first go. the was the exact moment BEFORE justin flew to his head/rest of body. i though he was really fucked up, but he took it like a champ.

jfye, lipslide the kinks. perfect.

“that was really good”

jacob and rorey were putting down switch shuvs and 360 shuvs, respectively, but both were too beaten from the day to finish the job. and rorey credit carded down the double set. thatl end the session, too.

time for beer.

got a hotel room that night. jacob…reading the bible?


i see.

then we saw stevie williams on b.e.t.. he was playing a prank on a “non-celebrity”. skateboarding sucks.

steve-o is sober and doing wallrides.

the next day most of the crew went to a trade show. it sounded boring so jacob, rorey, and myself went to an aquarium. tourists!

people definitely made an effort to keep their kids as far from us as possible.

“the animals need the water to breathe, sir, please put that down”. come on, what cant hold its breath for 3 seconds for a photo op?

this shark didnt eat ANYTHING. i was so disappointed.

and nothing ate this woman. nothing even tried to. nature isnt as cool as it looks on tv.

except jellyfish. jellyfish fucking rule.

this little guy was skitchin.

this was on sale for the bargain price of $700. im not joking. $700.

they stayed at that fucking trade show for way too long. we went and checked out some random pier in fort fisher.

tourtist squared.

pelicans are pretty tight.

yukin it up with the locals.

somewhere, way the hell over there, is europe.

jacob wouldnt jump, no matter how much i called him a pussy for it.

25 cent telescopes on the pier are tight. photo opppps. no one was within 100 feet of the dude. mr lonely.

feed the animals

this is not intimidating when youre drinving a blue soccer van.

back to wilmington. great time to come to the coast.


blind video premiere at some random bar.

stolen flashes.

anytime theres piles of free stickers, the sticker game starts.

this dude had no idea. he was that faded. he sucked anyways.

starry eyes.

rj drinks “prickley pears”.

lane drinks upside down.

jacob drinks out of fishbowls.

drunk/sad car ride home

until pokerface came on the radio.

we stayed at mirandas that night. jacob and rj shared a blanket. then jacob peed on rj. true friends.

rob wallrode.

ryan (MVP) grabbed it.

justin ollied into it frontside.

then he kickflipped into it.

rorey flyin high.

girl shredders! “im in love”- jacob


on to morehead city. the “morehead” thing never got old.

rob took us to a beach he used to go to. it also doubles as where christmas trees go to die.

it was cold.

“theres nothing to skate here”

jacob entertains himself (and everyoine else) everywhere he goes, regardless of the moral of the rest of the crew.

and makes a weed reference every 20 minutes or so.

more driving. on to the outer banks.

ryan(MVP) did a doughnut after EVERY pit stop.

i dont even know where this is. it was fun though. i skated a little that day.

jfyle, bs noseblunt. we got tons of footage at this park.

and ryan(MVP) ate the shit out of this banana.

same random town. the older rippers wanted some food so we pushed around to look for spots.

this thing was unassuming. the sleeper spot took jacob and justin both out HARD. then they both ollied into it.

met back up with the other guys at this diner with a gap across the street. kicked out after one ollie.

outer banks, or somewhere. i forget now. i think this was near duck beach.

jacob, bs nosegrind the whole thing pop out 5 feet from the end going mach a billion.

we stayed at robs dads house that night. this was rob as a young’n. fuckin jock…

more drinkin on the beach.


ryan(MVP), the salty fisherman.

people kept forgetting the sea rises and would be attacked every few minutes.

the reason this is blurry is because my camera was moving. falling, rather. into the ocean. this is the last photo my camera ever took. i just found out d70’s are only 400 bucks on ebay right now, so i might get one of those. there was 3 or 4 more days to the trip with a billion photo ops that i missed. oh well. it was still fun.


all i know

new years.

went to marion or somewhere so george could get this crook.

this sticker was at a gas station there.

be dancin and shit

biba got older

so did george

“make a birthday face”

nohe had fun

emily quit being a mom for a night

new foundation spot. not much yet.

belleme, kickflip over the bar. this is big.

nohe, polejam back noseblunt.


more or less all i remember of halloween.

photo cred: molnar.








12:30pm. molnars 27.