Two down, One to go

Two down, one remains.
Two homies gone from NY, I am one left;
Cameron in Africa, Josh in Oakland, Brian in Brooklyn.
Two blogs in one day, one more before I go home.
Im bored so call me if you want.

Look at the first photo, you will see that after hugging, Katie’s arm is moments away from striking Josh’s skateboard, which ended in both of them making these faces.

Peace out.

Then we went for Mr. Softee in the park.

Street art in dumbo

Scroll down really fast.

No homies left = self timer sequence on the ground at the spot.

nyc thang

Been in ny for a bit now, and have a down day to put up some photos. on the lookout for a photo story coming soon about our very own lovebryan, “The Man Behind the Camera”

yo peace out from nyc yo.