i havnt seen rosalyn in a while

jigga who???

I made a book with photographs I took of a submarine and illustrations i did of Jay Z. This is the last page with just the drawings.

roll together

Million Dollar View

Dylan kickflips in the way of multiple million-dollar views


been blowing it recently on the photo of the day….so here’s a gem. My brother dylan getting tatted on my friend rickey’s bed.

still standing

josh always tries to steal my girl. ps. yesterday was the first time i “celebrated” 420 since probably the 10th grade. which is also probably why there was no picture yesterday.

mad crail disease

Ok…one last party tour pic. this is me busting a crail. photo shot by Terren Gomez

pierced clit

we gave out some good tats on the bro tour


Sorry for not updating for the last week, I was on the spring break DUDE TOUR. we are some total dudes.

all night

i technically missed posting a picture today, but I havnt gone to sleep yet so it still counts. rickey likes to stay up late too.