Im new to this game over here, so there may be some of you looking at this site that dont know me…
So this is for you, a little introducing.

ill start from the begining.

I came up in tha O

this my crib

this my fam

this is where we found my brother

me and him

this me

this my bike

my old roomates:

i got a blog over at HART KEEP! too

this is devin

i am totally insane

Speaking of which, did you know that me and cameron are totally insane dudes that went on a totally insane adventure???
well here is some proof if you dont believe me

cameron gets everyone movin and shakin

and the ladies love it

i was handed this upon arrival at the totally insane mansion

then we went from the totally insane mansion straight to brekfast. because we are totally insane

i will leave you with the same regards that we left our waitress Lynette that early morning/late night. so just insert your own name where it says her. (dont worry, we were really thinking of you too when the note was written)
peace out