this is from that early part of the summer, when it was way too hot. i guess these were taken over the span of about 8 days…i have another roll that i’ll post next week.


prime luke.

jt as well.

pissed as usual.

pj’s and charles.

as per usual.


sleep texting.

best friend in the world will.



your maine man.

one morning bryan woke me up at 10:30 in the morning asking if i’d like to go to maine for a gnarly skate party. the next day we left, justin and sandy came as well. i lost my tent poles, slept in the cold/wet, and got fucked up in so many ways

we stopped in rhode island.

a lot of car riding.

strubing slept.

bryan drove almost the whole way.

probably the only rest he got the whole time.

then swimming.

bryan got some.


the other day.

wind’s blowin’ up a gale.

peeler saw.

adam was there.

saw maggie.

met up with 8 ball.

mother mary.


will and jess.