this is the mermaid parade.

bryan dragged me out of bed.

good thing.

lonesome piano.

these people were fantastic.

everyone was rad.

this is just how he looked, its not even really photoshopped.

a good saturday.

ender ender

charles and

it doesnt make sense.

bright shirt.

i dont know how.

so psyched.

the session begins.

beauty school dropout.

unplanned moon/point.

ender ender.

sam lives at 538.

this is what we call an h to h.

in other words, a heart to heart.

tyjk lives around the corner now.

this is our critter mall grip.

he gets scared.

but still gets ladies.

these dudes are back….great.

she’s not gonna like this.

t.y. fixed her bike.

to a job well done.

vinny fixed the walls.

puerto rican day

bosco got a tmnt slice bro tat.

and is also the 3rd bro to get a dirtat.

jake hanly.

bryan ate something vegan.

then we all met up.

this is sam.

maria is puerto rican. she was psyched. a good tour guide.

it was mostly made up of people stuck behind fences.

but everyone was psyched.

so psyched.

getting buck.

dad was there.




this dude was the bruce springstein of puerto ricans.

sanitation truck.

muy caliente es en mi pantelones.

he danced for the crowd.

the crowd chanted big pun lyrics. hes like the puerto rican tupac.

so psyched on sam’s tattoo.

had a good one of his own.

really really nice people.

my favorite of the day.

the man himself.

hiding from me.

found this.

hung with him for a minute.


this is james.

james with vic kelly.

RIP vic. thanks for the advice. 2 wars, 4 wives, 1 death. we loved you.

rob skated a long way.

brian kelly explored.

suzette in rob’s room.

“dana lee likes fun” – emily stebbins

dana lee with no pants on.

dana and stella pledge allegiance.

earline garcia has lived in this house since she was 19.

my grandfather dripped a little paint here, and instead of cleaning it up he just painted a rectangle.

this is my mom.

she’s rad.

maggie lee has fun.

she’s not gonna like this.

peace out.

we’re trying to get fiona’s dental hygiene up to par.


So I am in Italy right now and have been for over a week. I started in the country side (Chuisi area) and have been in Venice for 2 days. Tomorrow I head to London for the remainder of the trip. Essentially, this is an apology because I should have updated before the trip, have not during the trip, and should right now, but, I dont have a USB cable or a charged camera. So there. Be ready, because the updates will arrive soon.

I miss you all.


more pure evil.