smell of summer

I rode the train across the country, from NY to CA.

I posed as an SF chronicle reporter, and interviewed people in order to gather their stories of why they decided to take Amtrack versus the airplane. This woman’s husband died of cancer the year prior, and she was on the way to visit her mother.

I thought I was going to get a romantic, 3-day summary of America. Well, I did – of America’s industry. I saw enormous feedlots, graineries, factories. Some abandoned, some functioning. It was kind of depressing. But I did manage to see some wild buffalo.

I heard train food was worse than plane food, so I brought a ration of boiled eggs+potatoes, cucumbers, and crackers with me from the farm. I ran out of food by day 3 and had to resort to cup o noodle and cardboard-like vegan patties.

Home. Went to Point Reyes.

Beautiful empty beach, replete with little mysteries.


This seal met his end. I met the seagulls and vultures that were feasting on the remains.

Took a trip to Full Belly Farm for their annual Hoes Down fest. There was this amazing hay maze, parts of which were almost too small for us “adults” to squeeze through. So fun!

May and I took a walk down by the river, under the full moon.

See ya, summer. I’m already nostalgic.


Fall flew by. Suddenly it’s January again, and my house is mouldering away in the constant rain. The fact that one roll of film lasted me for 1.5 months is something I probably aught to be ashamed of. Oh well – hard to feel bad when Hoagy Carmichael is singing “Lazy River.” Also, screw WP for never uploading my files in order. There you have it.

One forgets that pigs can become enormous creatures. On my boss’s ranch this momma reigns supreme.

Baking with E. Morell in the Headlands

Rye bread in its formative state.

Shooting with Paul Clipson. He had me running all over the place.

Christmas morning.

Just before the childish glee sets in.

The moms and their presents.


What would this blog be, without the gratuitous look-alike pictures of food I make?

Paul is a man of many mysteries. I think moms snapped this one.