Dwight Hill

For some reason pretty much most of this roll was devoted to frolicking on this super-rad hill in Berkeley…three separate occasions, no less. The pictures are alright, nothing earth-shattering, more just documentations of superlative weekends (I was about to type “really, really, good,” but superlative was just such the more exciting word).

Lauren is my little wren and we spent a weekend together before school started.

Robin and Casey are such hippies (don’t mind me, who was chasing bugs for most of the time we were up there).

Typical Berkeley view, bo-ring, I know.

May’s rad LA friends drove up for a weekend of madness. They filled a car with balloons, bought a kite, and kidnapped me to go play.




Nick and Jared stole garbage can lids and used them to sled down the grassy hills. That balloon fared a lot better than either of them.

Jared is such a beast.

Gnar gnar.

I frame shots so well, people don’t even need feet.

Jo! Is rad. She and I tried really hard to fly the kite. We failed. I think we named the kite Tabitha or something.

Jared, Nick, and Kim. Kim is a good photographer and probably has way better pictures of this than I do.

Balloon fingers.


Giving it another go.

Success, finally.

Fast-forward about a month – Houston came to visit and we had to make the trudge to watch a really good sunset.

Pictures through grass never get old, right?

I keep a large jar of honey at my desk for emergencies (such as, uh, my constant sugar craving). May took full advantage.

I really love having my own room. If you ever want to sleep over, let me warn you that there’s about 2.5 ft of crawlspace between the futon and the ceiling. Super cozy.

Night Adventures

Oh shit, blogging hiatus is over. May and I wandered around the Yerba Buena Gardens last Friday, attempting our hands at some “fashion” photography. I think it worked out pretty decently, even if some of it got funky in-camera.

Only 19 more rolls of films left! Yeah!