a plethora of portraits

i was so close to posting this blog and then safari quit on me. there goes the terribly witty and clever opener I wrote, too. fuck it.

some shit about voyeurism, bla bla.

some shit about patrick being mysterious

this battle morgan and i staged

chelsea is hot

kari is distracted

cute, etc etc

maya and jasmine make jokes about one’s bits and the dead sea

bryan’s a glutton when he’s not paying for it

patrick glows some more

bar on market st.

freedom bus! haw.

meghan’s birthday, pretty people everywhere

even chelsea invited

meghan’s bf close to good dessert. insert bad joke about bryan eating it all.

maybe you don’t like it, but i do.

Katherine being attacked by 8 arms

Katherine got bored on the way home and painted on herself.

then she painted on me. looks like I got into fight with a bike and lost.

Courtney gives it to the mashed potatoes.

I swear, I’m gonna be a luddite.

younger days

Sometimes, writing essays is inspiring. I often get inspired to do things completely unrelated to whatever paper I’m writing, for example: I unearthed several photos and drawings from high school, which I guess wasn’t all that long ago. Procrastination is a way of life.

I went traveling in Europe two years ago with my best friend. We went to Russia, too. I love trains.

In Edinburgh there are so many brick-y things everywhere. What an aesthetically pleasing city.

Auchenblae forest.

Mushrooms ahoy! I wish we could’ve picked them, makes me think of grandma and the old country.

It always takes me a while to figure out what’s going on here.

16 year-old self portrait. Note how I look 10.

And a year later. Maybe 12 now?

In senior year I drew crappy editorial cartoons. Also products of procrastination.

What blog is complete without a picture of your mom?

Dang, this just makes me want to dig up more old shit. Back to coast live oaks!

Current Events

I’m posting pictures from the last few weeks, not months ago. It’s like a bloody precedent or something. Key words: camp, friends, sneaky vegans everywhere.

Last time there was some begining of camp, now here are relics from the end. I found a bat in a crack. Fucking last bat of the Sierras.

We took some kids to the top of a small mountain. The view was tight, but the baby ospreys didn’t appreciate our arrival.

This is Ryan. He is about to tear into what must be the best onion soufl

Fleeting Days

So I was gone for two months, cooking in the Sierras for kids at a camp. But before I left, there was much to be done – vegan potlucks and general hang-outery. By the way, the quality of these scans SUCKS, and doesn’t do the photos justice, but I was hella eager to put up a new blog, so there.

Part of the reason why the ‘rent’s new apartment is awesome.

And then there was Thai Temple, of course. Meghan came out despite the blustery weather.

Miguel showed up, too. He rides bikes, sports many tattoos, and helped Kari fix her tire.

Bryan and I saw Cake play in the park. Then we got starved and ate at Ali Baba’s cave in the awesomely lit nook in the back.

Meghan’s so photogenic I couldn’t resist another picture. She had a vegan pizza potluck at her new digs.

When Katherine gets hungry, it’s better to stay out of her way.

This dude was hellof tall and apparently had a thing for otter pops.

On my way home the moon was huge, but here it just looks like another light in the sky.

And then I sat waiting for the F.

You can’t tell, but the light in the sky is super pink. That’s what I get for using expired film, I guess.

This is my good friend Zoe. It’s kind of hard to take a picture in the near-pitch dark when you’re high and sans tripod.

We wandered around, and came across various interesting/pretty objects. Here’s one for your bike fetish collection.

Oops, wrong blog. Whatever.

Is it a tree? Some say bear; I think of odd yet strangely pleasing hugs.