what’s the point

I find myself wondering about these photos. Why should I share them? Why do we bombard the world with our nonsense? Why should anyone look at these random snapshots? I don’t know, but my friends say one day it will all be over. They might be right, but I don’t like to admit it.


This is a photo from 2015, of a summer night bike ride. Everything else below is from 2016.


Glynis and Nazar outside Market Hotel.


If you go sledding down these stairs, be careful of the low wall at the bottom of the last set, it’s sometimes hidden behind snow. One of our friends got knocked out and went to the hospital that night.


Kevin and Danilo.







We went bowling for Josh’s 30th birthday.





There are a handful of interesting celebrations in the Hasidic neighborhoods. These kids were roaming around in costume for Purim, in March, collecting cash. I happened to drive by them as they were in the middle of a busy intersection without their parents or any adults. Maybe they were old enough for that, but at the time I didn’t think so.



This is the elder compost lady of LES ecology center at their Union Square food scraps collection table. You can buy back the compost that is made.


The great double rainbow of NYC, June 5, 2016.


Danny Weiss narrowly escaped death in a freak motorcycle accident. At first he was recovering at Burke Rehabilitation Center, which is in the neighborhood I grew up in, in White Plains.


We met at the food co-op. I complimented her sweater, and she asked me about my Bernie 2016 pin. It was kind of love at first sight, if that exists. It didn’t last, and she has nearly zero internet presence, which is one of many great qualities.


Josh made a rare appearance in North Brooklyn.


A young couple at Knockdown Center.


There’s this big mural in the LES that I really like seeing from the bridge. I thought it was being taken down because 2 giant panels are missing, but over a year later, I think it’s still in that state.





Italian and American Flags on Lorimer St.


Nazar makes shirts that say skim milk.






Ihab from Oasis was taking a break, and told me my car was “the greatest car ever”, and that they used to be taxis that held 7 passengers.


Danny Weiss, a few months after his motorcycle accident, at Tompkins Square Park. Danny just had a really nice series of portraits he shot of Tompkins youth published in the New York Times.



I’ve seen plenty of photos of people doing wheelies, and I see guys doing it down the block from time to time, so I snapped one while I was unloading my car one day. They’re not that easy to catch unintentionally.


Jin and Dana are a photo duo called Jin and Dana.




jig of life, part 2

Summer 2016.


We moved this slide across the creek and set it at a precarious angle, I don’t think I slid it.







When authorities kicked us out of our favorite spot, we explored new territory.




Whitey didn’t stake his tent, so when wind picked up it started tumbling in towards this pond, he chased it and barely caught it in time!


Whitey carrying his tent back to camp.












Goggles turned out to be handy when cooking over a smokey campfire.