A few years ago Brett Nelson said, “That’s the best part about having professional photographer friends… you’ll never see the photos”, referring to personal photos getting pushed aside for work photos. I always think about how unfortunate that is, as if photos of your friends don’t matter more than your work.


Alex Konsevick


Hoyos had an art show.


highschool kids playing with steel wool and sterno on the williamsburg bridge

This highschool kid was playing with steel wool and drano, or was it sterno…


highschool kids playing with steel wool and sterno on the williamsburg bridge


Annelise and Andrea


Danilo’s signature bicycle move.


Cameron was working at Magnum, and linked me up with their master darkroom printer, Pablo Inirio, posing here with mega dodge and burn notes. He gave me the most amazing tutorial on split filtration printing, where you burn the blacks with a higher contrast filter, and burn the highlights with a low contrast filter, for example.


The Violent Femmes at Rough Trade, that acoustic bass guitar is amazing.


That is a Tom Fruin water tower, made with reclaimed plastic bits of storefront signs from chinatown.


We got to climb inside it!













Caroline on her 30th birthday.


Leks, Amanda, and Laia


I was gifted a last minute ticket to see Morrissey at Madison Square Garden. When they made me check my 80-200 lens, I went to the security office and the Gonz was there being forced to check his ipad. I was also bummed to miss the opener, Blondie.



Josh and Annelise


I met this girl on the street, and then months later we became roommates for a while.


Nazar, he’s one of the best dudes out, and an undercover sharp shooter.


Jamie Florance rented a Brooklyn treehouse for his birthday off Airbnb.



The kids who lived there were our chaperones.












Jilleen launched her shoe company, Onto.




Watching the Perseids.


Nazar brought us to a roof party in midtown, and we climbed a really big water tower.




Bryan got a trampoline, it’s looking really safe here…



Mukunda Angulo, one of the Wolfpack brothers, and Spike Jones, outside the Wolfpack’s art show.


Sade threw a carnival themed birthday party.


Bryan and Rachel


Whitey and Hagen





I bought a car to run biodiesel, which is made from waste vegetable oil collected from new york city restaurants, and goes straight in diesel cars’ fuel tanks without any major modifications, just changing some fuel lines to synthetic rubber ones, since natural oils eat away at natural rubber.





Chairlift at Cameo.










Chris Bernsten had the most amazing photo show, with a manual slideshow showing to music he picked.