For most of the years that I’ve shot skateboarding, I didn’t shoot much else, not even photos of the skaters if they weren’t skating. I didn’t used to think they were that great compared to the photos of them skating. A few years ago I started to, for various reasons, and while a photo of a skater chilling may not be as amazing as them skating, I’m enjoying shooting them sometimes, and having them together, especially as I realize how the years go by and seeing how people look. Plus most the time we go out, we’re skating or they’re filming video more than we’re shooting photos. I’ve sort of started calling these “in between” photos, shot in the time between the few skate photos.

Early 2014, I ran into Yaje Popson at the bodega sized 4th street food co-op!


April 2014, Aaron Herrington was surprised with an intimate going pro party.



May 1, 2014, Static 4/5, a 7 year long project by Josh Stewart, premiered at Sunshine Cinemas. It was almost kind of sad that the video was done, but it was so amazing and inspirational, I ended up dropping nearly everything else in my life and went skating and photographing almost every single day for the rest of May, and continued to regularly go out until the winter. This past spring and summer, 2015, there wasn’t anything with that kind of energy for me, and I haven’t skated all that much in comparison until more recently in the Fall.

Ben Gore and Yonnie Cruz.


Josh Stewart before the screening.


Jahmal Williams after the screening.



Zach Lyons, Ben Gore, Brian Downey, and Jake Johnson.


kevin lowry, john valenti, brian delatorre, al davis - williamsburg bridge hill bomb

Al Davis with Kevin Lowry and Brian Delatorre behind him, bombing down the Williamsburg Bridge. This was in Al Davis’s interview in 43 magazine issue 005.


Behind them was John Valenti, with the video camera and backpack, filming for his video Local Express, which he filmed every single clip himself, without contributing filmers, which sounds insane. It’s the only time I’ve heard of a skate filmer doing that.


Kevin Coakley.


June 2014, I was shooting a photo of Luis Tolentino skating, and gradually a bunch of homies showed up to watch, including Zered Bassett, Danny Supa, and Akira Mowatt, who i’ve probably sat to watch skate when in like 2000 when I was still in highschool.


July 2014, Aaron Herrington was really struggling with this backside 360 over a bump to bar, and his posture, and the way his shirt was blowing from his speed, and the focus in his face, were just like a 16mm shot of him in Static 4/5, and I was like, whoaaa this is sick.


Eli Reed.


This lovely lady inspired me to capture a bit of the spirit of summer in New York City, as well as these portraits of Eli.


These last 3 photos were shot digitally.


Jahmal Williams, Josh Wilson, Joel Meinholz, and I, were all excited to run into Chuck Close while out skating.


…and then moments later Steve Rodriguez. We also saw Ari Marcopolous while skating here.


August 2, 2014, Max Fish re-opened on Orchard st. after being closed for over a year.


Matt Mooney and German Nieves.


Max Fish owner Ulli Rimkus.


Vlad Gvozd and Nick Watchel.



Tino Razo and Lele Saveri.


One day by chance I ran into all of these guys skating, most of them I don’t know personally, but it was rad to see them all hanging out for hours while Alex Olson or their other homies tried tricks over a street gap. Usually when people want to try gnarly tricks, it’s a much smaller crew.


Jack Greer and his dog.



Danny Renaud filming a line of Jordan Trahan, which was rad to see since usually someone else if filming Danny Renaud skate.


Kevin Coakley, Joe Bressler, Brendan Carroll, and Colin Read.


Nick Jensen. We got kicked out before getting a skate photo, but at least I have this from when I got to meet him for the first time.


Oct 2014, Jack Curtin is skating, and a young Morrissey is watching from my shirt. Digital camera screens are so useful.


Dustin Eggeling.