winter can be a bummer, until i relearned how to embrace it and make the most of it.
these are some photos from last winter, 2012-2013

the hurricane sandy blackout was about a year ago now.


park ave.


we rolled to the edge of darkness and decided to stay in it.




after night beaching a bunch in the summer, bryan and brett wanted to go for a swim at coney island on christmas eve.
marina and i joined for the polar plunge.


it was sleeting out and exhilarating.


wind caught the towel and it landed in the freezing water, great for drying off and trying to get warm.



with numb bricks of ice as feet, we ran back to the car and blasted the heat.
after a super fun polar plunge, any wintery coldness is nothing in comparison, and just brings warm memories instead of bummer vibes.



after warming up we explored the pier, damaged by hurricane sandy.






danilo’s birthday is in the winter.




camping for new years eve 2013…


…until we got kicked out by park rangers


new year’s day



i hit up danilo to go run around in the blizzard, and he dressed me up to be in a music video.



kevin hayden