march has been an insane month. last weekend in particular. a bunch of us went to some house party on saturday, got kicked out because patti fought the homeowner. went to some shady looking park, ran from the cops, and had a pistol to my head. normally i woulda peed my pants or something, but i was to drunk to realize what was going on. anyways the moral of the story is don’t run from the cops, especially if you didn’t do anything wrong and there’s murder on the street. i dont know why i ran, but i did, and stepped in human shit, now i only have one shoe. anyways…..
today i went to sell some clothes so i could afford to pick up some negatives i dropped off at the photo shop. so i walk into the clothing store only to realize the girl buying clothes was the same girl who kicked us out of her house party saturday night. i put my disguise face on hoping she wouldn’t realize i was little belligerent asian girl who kept cursing at her. apparently i’ve gotta real distinct voice/hair/or whatever. anyways, she called me out but bought my clothes regardless. after i made 30 bucks i rode down to the photoshop expecting to use all my money on the negatives but alex fuckin hooked it up!!!! which means i get to buy some groceries now!!!! AND THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS BLOG IS TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERYONE KNOWS ALEX MARTINEZ FUCKIN RULES! AND ALEX ALSO GAVE ME A YASHICA T4 WHICH IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD. THANKS ALEX YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so here it is…. my first set of negs from my brand new yashica. which i obviously don’t know how to use correctly yet. that stupid time stamp ruins all the photos! and not only does the presence of the time stamp kill the photo, but it’s also set incorrectly which kills me evenmore!!!!! boooo for timestamps and boo for the idiot who thought it was a good idea. booo booo booo booo