while i haven’t updated my blog in hellof days, it’s rained a mini river in my alley way and more importantly i gotta handful of negatives developed. this photo above woulda been nice if i hadn’t spilled beer on the muthafuggin negative. fuck the mini ghost on the upper left corner.

jesse and i trespassed into some college, used their copy machine, took photos in their classrooms, and tagged the chalk board. AND lemme tell you why that photo rules my tounge. because it was 4:20 when we took it!!!!!!

the traditional fools played in some girls kitchen the other week. it ruled. infact it ruled so hard, some drunk woman flew straight forward into davetyandrew’s drum set then to the floor


aaron is so dreamy

i also took photos of more nipples to make more….

buttons!!!! and give em to my friends!!!!!

the last 5 days have consisted of heavy heavy rain, pints of ice cream, and televisionitis. infact it’s raining as i type right now. the skies have been real real grey and it’s depressing san francisco. anyways here’s a look into my field of view the past 100 hours.