Basketball Listening Party

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Sun by Pat Parra
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All of our friends are dead


Baby Dino is the shit. I have been bumping her homemade recordings for the last year and this is her first intentional solo album release. She was kind enough to release the whole thing for free. Listen to the whole album ‘All Of Our Friends Are Dead‘ by clicking on the photo above or player below or even right here and downloading it for FREEEEEEEEE!! This album is full of really beautiful and delicate recordings. Her song writing is incredibly heart warming and vulnerable with a strong hint of gangsterness. She has been playing guitar and bass for New York friends bands Cymbals Eat Guitars, Lissy Trullie, and Modrocket but her solo work is the most important. My favorites are 1993 (aka I was Molested) and No Friends.
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Her songs are like fresh baked sugar cookies.


Baby Dino is my friend.

I love Baby Dino.