Parra Sisters

Our Mom Rocks da Samba

Baby rocks da samba.


I rock da samba to.

This was my first time ever performing with my mommy.

I was suuuuper nervous but it ended up being super fun.

It was the first selling of my moms cd and she sold hellsa copies. I’m proud of her.

Mars rocks the fitness.

Pats Blumping Came Through

My moms fence had been broke for a while and since me and danny was home we decided to do something about it. We called Pats Plumbing.

This was the dude and my brother wanting to help him out. He thinks hes all crafty and manly and shit.

Back to back they faced eachother.

So they fixed the door and it works. Moms gonna be happy.

Then he started doing all this karate type stuff to show off like his victory dance or some shit.

We knew we had to regulate on this vato cuz he was gettin a little outa control. So we called up our Samurai Friend.

Then I spotted this fly breezy in the alley peepin for ice cream. She didn’t even notice me steal her soul.

I threw a rabbit raisin at her to get her attention and we ran off to find this dude Jammin on A big guitar.

It was sick but then this other fine ass japanese breezy caught my eye and I stopped and stared at her for a few hours.

Danny thought she was boring.

The One and Only Howard Na

My shoulder popped out of its socket again.

Yup. I tre switch flipped that whole shit at nite first try. Its nuttin…….to a boss.

San Jo Nalgas

I’m glad I quit my job cuz now I can check lovebryan everyday at least least three times.

Chad and Domino at the bestest vegan restaurant in the jo’.

Mars in an elevator

Mars’s number one bitch.

danny jammin on black couch donated to a drug free animal house.

Danny watching one of his movies.

Jammin in Russian with Rush.

Japanese couple on Japanese scroll.

I like cartoons with cereal.


this lady makes big latkas. Mucho bueno.

this is danny in a tree

this is danny sleeping


Bryan is a cancer sign.

Chair battle. Yellow chair got rusted.

danny has nice thumbs.

This girl was abandoned in the airport of Mauii. She was nice enough to put on her abondoned face for me.

these girls like cameras.

junk mail