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Covers, Baby!

Both Mike Belleme and Sandy Kim have magazine covers this month. Mike shot Cat Power for Huck and Sandy shot her friend Sky Ferreira for FADER. I’m really proud of these guys.

Mr. Grillo at Kickstarter Film Fest

Danilo is putting the final touches on his film Mr. Grillo: The Thereminist and he’ll be premiering an excerpt at the Kickstarter Film Fest this Saturday in Brooklyn. There’s a rumor floating around that Mr. Grillo himself might make an appearance. Don’t miss it.

Sandy Kim’s Into The Light

Sandy Kim just released a new book of recent work called Into the Light. It’s an edition of only 500 copies so get yours fast at Pogo Books.

CVS Bangers

DJ Hennessy Youngman’s CVS Bangers Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 is one hell of a party. This is the music I usually listen to. But I feel conflicted about the mix. It’s simultaneously validating and exploiting my musical taste. What can you do? A banger is banger.

Isolation Tanks

After Danilo worked on this Pharmacopeia story about Isolation Tanks, he tried to make one out of his bathtub. Danilo and Hamilton are a good team and this documentary is as interesting as it is quirky. They’re currently working on some pieces on the other side of the world.

MJR 100

Our friends at MJR made a video of personal work to celebrate their 100th weekly (though often monthly) collection of images. It’s fun to watch, especially if you know any of these fools.

Farewell Transmission

Damn. Jason Molina, the singer and songwriter behind Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co., drank himself to death a couple days go. He was one of my perennial favorites, the voice that got me through break-ups and bus rides for the last ten years. After being so prolific, it’s hard to believe it’s over. A crying shame. I’m gonna spend some time with Axxess & Ace and miss the shit out of this guy.

From a show in SF in 2005. I met him backstage and he confused me with a bike messenger from Indiana.

Wait, Nudes

It’s tricky keeping up with Sandy Kim nowadays. She’s been busy and crazy as ever. Most recently she made the music video for “Wait” by DIIV, the band that Colby plays drums in. Naomi at FADER did a nice write-up about the video.

Sandy is also in an art show called Nudes at Guerrero Gallery in SF alongside folks like Mark Gonzales and Faile. It opens March 9th in case you’re around.

Journeys to School

Santiago Muñoz, 14, takes two buses and two trains from Far Rockaway, Queens, through four out of the five boroughs to Bronx High School of Science, where he’s a freshman. I photographed his commute for a project called Journeys to School. It’s a collection of photo essays documenting students going to school all over the world. The project is sponsored by Sipa Press and UNESCO. An exhibition of the work is opening at the UN Headquarters on March 4th and will be on display until March 25th.


This month marks the 7th anniversary of Lovebryan. That’s an eternity in internet time — before Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, when people were still using Myspace and Youtube wasn’t a household word. I made the site on an old eMac that I kept in Anya’s bedroom because I was traveling and didn’t have a home of my own. It’s crazy to see how far everyone has come. Danilo has traveled the whole world making films. Mike has become a serious photographic force. Sandy went from being a graphic design student to everyone’s favorite photographer’s favorite photographer. And I get to take pictures for a living. I’m not going to say that it all started here, but it is all documented here. Seven years of sharing our lives in tens of thousands of pictures (and a few words). Thanks to everyone who has kept visiting the site over the years and the photographers that have continually posted the things that are important to them. I apologize if we get busy and don’t post as much as we should. I have no idea where Lovebryan is going or where it will be in another seven years. But I’m proud that we’ve last this long and really appreciate everyone that cares enough to keep coming back. We’ll do what we can to keep you entertained and inspired.

By Mike Belleme from one of the first Lovebryan posts.