We Found Love in Sandy’s Place

Alright, I got a theory. So whoever makes Rihanna’s music videos is notorious for ripping off photographers. She ripped off Ryan McGinley for “Only Girl (In The World)”. Her new newest video “You Da One” steals from a fashion spread in Numero. And she even got sued by David LaChapelle for imitating his work in “S&M”.

So when a friend played me Rihanna’s video for that infectious song “We Found Love”, I thought it looked really familiar. It’s Sandy Kim’s blog! There are so many thematic and aesthetic similarities. Sandy isn’t the only person to shoot pills and messy bedrooms. But altogether I feel like there’s some definite influence. And if the directors are watching Ryan McGinley, it’s not too hard to find Sandy. I’m not making any 100% claims, but it is very peculiar. Right?

Click here see the side by side comparisons.

7 Responses to “We Found Love in Sandy’s Place”

  1. 1 Lafleur

    holy shit you are right

  2. 2 pp

    I think you’re right.

  3. 3 peisin

    #SUERIRI forever

  4. 4 Hallie

    did you say that the cigarette shot was also done by sandy?

  5. 5 Inge

    Really? A guy in a bathroom? A crowd of people? A person in a cornfield? … A girl lying in a bed? a person in a supermarket? People sitting in a car? I’m sorry, I agree on the one about David Lachapelle, and the one image in the You Da One video, but the other two are just completely random, and half of the images don’t even look alike. If these photographers want to press charges they will hopelessly fail. And no, I am not a fan of Rihanna, but I am a photographer and I know that you cannot ‘own’ anything as general such as two people sitting on a bike or a picture of a cafetaria. Within these kinds of general situations a judge really needs to see 100% similarities, and not just the fact that the tiles in the two bathrooms are both white. You get these rules explained to you very clearly in lessons on copyright at every artschool there is, and these photographers also know this very well. They just also know that their names will be mentioned when they make these accusations, and they hope to get something out of it. And the saddest thing is that the rest of us allow this to happen, since it’s all over the internet now. Have you ever heard of a very famous photographer called Nan Goldin? She has been taking pictures of naked people and kissing couples sitting in bathtubs and bedrooms since the early 70′s. According to her own standards, Sandy Kim should be worried about this fact herself then as well.

  6. 6 ttl

    these are not randoms if the photos in subject are all in one photographers set and in one’s artist video. yes you can find any of these photos in tumbler or flickr site but i bet they belong to different photographers. And it is not just the photo per se but the tone of the images in the video which definitely has resemblance to sandy’s. I dont know sandy personally but I think the maker of the video was somehow inspired by her set of photos. It this enough for her to sue? I not sure but I live in a different part of the world-I think you can sue over anything to anyone in USA nowadays.But one thing is for sure, this will make sandy a little more famous now which I think she deserve. ive been following this site for sometime now, back when Bryan was only using a point n shoot camera so its quite fascinating to see these guys and this site reach the attention they now deserve.

  7. 7 Nicole

    Seriously???? I find absolutely NOOOO similarities… You NEEDDD to get a life cause this is like forever aloneeee… Try to invert your time in something more productive than ruining peoples lives.. And totally diferent from Sandy´s photos…

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