It’s a great time to shoot film. Our eyes have attuned to the hyper sharpness and perfect quality of digital photography so when we see film again, the way the colors render and the softer quality and the grain, it feels very exotic now.
I’ve made it a goal to shoot more film. I like the process of slowing down and thinking before shooting a frame. Here’s a few shots mostly from my first three rolls of medium format shot on my Mamiya 645 and the last two are 35mm.

Firefly Gathering 2013

Firefly Gathering 2013

Niko, 18 resident of Wild Roots

John Kraus is a teacher at Firefly Gathering and one of the most knowledgable people I’ve even known. My strategy at Firefly is to spend as much time as possible with him.


John Kraus checks the sharpness of a draw knife. John is collector and maker of hand tools.

Will Addy, BFF in in his van in my driveway.

Tim Hussin, BPE (Best Photographer Ever) in his van before returning to Canada at Look3 Festival of the Photograph 2013.

Jason Henry, anual memory maker. I see Jason once a year at Look3. He’s always good for laughs and memories and is also a badass photographer.

Andrew Fletcher, Piano aficionado. I’ve known Andrew for many years and get the pleasure of running into him around town a lot. He’s been pretty much running the Asheville Jazz scene for a while now. He also made a score just for my part in Push Skateshop’s last video.