Durring Kristen’s 3 month stint in Europe, I poped over for a few weeks to visit. We decided to take a little side trip and after much deliberation chose Santorini, Greece. The trip started out a bit disappointing. A few cold windy underdressed days, a dark, dank first night in a cave-hotel that was a bit too cavelike, and a first meal at the Greek equivalent of Waffle House left us wondering if we’d chose the wrong destination. Fortunately, we had a whole week for things to get better and the sun came out, we moved into an epicly beautiful hotel, and we found the good food spots.

I mostly only took out the camera to take portraits of Kristen in epic spots, so you will see a lot of that.

This is one of the hotels we stayed at in the small town of Oia. Because of some complications with the room we booked, they had to move us to the honeymoon suite. Very unfortunate.

The main highlight of the trip was our cliff-top hike from the capital city of Fira to the small town of Oia which is at the very tip of the island off in the distance in this photo. It’s about a 3 hour hike, but we took a bit longer because of photo ops.