Around New Years while reworking my website I decided that I wanted to start doing some things differently. Namely, I decided it was time to focus on portrait photography. I’ve been shooting portraits for years, but never really focused my attention and ambition on it. Within a few days I had a studio (perfect place to practice although, I will probably not be focusing as much on studio work in the long run). My good friend Frank Bott offered to let me share his space for no charge. Pretty sweet deal. My focus so far has mostly been finding an aesthetic that I like and learning the lighting. For most of the shoots I put little to no effort into directing models (that is the next phase). This is a┬áchronological journal of all of the shoots I’ve done so far in the studio. I have two portrait series’ in mind to get started on in the next couple of months, so you will be seeing much more as things develop. I still have a whole lot to learn, but it has been super fun working things out.

Thanks a ton to everyone who’s offered their time in the studio and of course Frank for being so amazingly generous!