It’s been just over a year since Kristen and I moved into our magical treehouse in the woods. It still feels amazing that we actually get to live somewhere so cool and staying home all day feels like a treat.
I can’t believe in a whole year, I haven’t shared any of the treehouse love on the blog. I’ve planned on doing a treehouse blog pretty much all year, but I’m ashamed to say that I don’t shoot very much at home and always felt that it would be too incomplete of a look at our lives. This is still true, and hopefully I will get better about shooting this stage of our lives, but for now I felt the need to share something.

We park about 200 yards down the hill and hike up to the house, so the only thing we can see from our house is woods and the Ivy river below which is great for swimming in the summer. We have amazing neighbors on all sides. The owner of the house lives just down the hill and is an amazing person, their is one more house on the property and our neighbors own 20 acres and are kind enough to let us roam freely on their land and get firewood etc.

Our Bathroom…

Which is also our bedroom.

Fires on the top deck.

Kristen in a neighbor’s field by moonlight.

We have a blacksnake that lives in our roof and does much more for our mouse problem than our cat… more on that later.

The downside of woodslife. We have seen some almost twice this size.

This patio was a whole lot of work. Kristen and her brother leveled out the whole thing while I was out of town and then I hand selected each of the rocks from the river and hauled them up the mountain and laid them out… With some help from Kristen.

Since we can’t park anywhere near the house, the best plan I’ve devised to get firewood to the house is to drop it off on the neighbor’s driveway about 200 feet straight up the mountain from our house and lower it down on this sled I rigged up with chicken wire.

I’ve had a little foray into whittling and wood work. I give most of them away, but here’s a few things I’ve held onto. Black walnut cooking spoon, sycamore coffee ground measuring spoon and ash sugar spoon.

We got Bon Bon this cat nip mouse to train to be a real cat and kill mice, but note the real mouse chillin on/in my slipper showing very little concern. In the course of this embarrassing episode, Bon Bon never once noticed the mouse just feet away.