La Carretta Mexican restaurant is being leveled to make way for the new Trader Joes. Last chance to skate the banks.

Last Sunday we had a contest and fund raiser event at the foundation and at the Grey Eagle. The foundation is a DIY skate spot in Asheville that we been building at for several years. We raised about $300 to build fun new shit.


I’ve been spending a¬†ridiculous¬†amount of time on the road lately. I just drove to every corner of the state of NC shooting the nominees for Small Business of the year for Business NC Mag. It’s been a bit draining driving so much, but I’ve been trying to coaxe people into coming with me as much as possible to skate or vacation or anything that will get someone in the car with me. Last weekend Kristen and I turned one of my assignments into a nice little weekend at the beach. Here are a few shots from Kure Beach on the NC coast. Our vacations often include taking artsy pretty pictures of each other.

We found a secret passage way into a dream world.

I so rarely take pictures just for fun these days. It’s either work or personal projects, bot of which I take very seriously, so I just bought a digital rangefinder hoping that having a little easy to use camera will make shooting more fun again and encourage me to shoot more outside of work. Hopefully that will make my blog take a new more light hearted turn.