A big thanks is due to our lovebryan host, my New York host, and the reason I was able to work for a weekend photographing a man standing on a pedestal being zapped by Tesla coils for 72 hours. Bryan and I got into photography at about the same time and have both been super driven in our own directions with photography, but our long weekly phone conversations over the years have resulted in interesting parallels in our visual style. I know he has by far been the biggest influence in my development as a photographer and continues to be, so to get to work side by side for the first time… and for 72 hours of a visually stunning event, was a truly awesome experience. Three cheers for Derballa. Oh yeah, David Blaine was there too.

When I left David on Sunday morning at about 5AM this is what he looked like. And honestly, it’s about what I looked like to. I somehow ended up with a stomach virus or flu or something and stumbled back to Bryan’s puking along the way where I remained in bed until the conclusion of the event Monday night. It was a bummer to miss the end, but as you can see from Bryan’s blog, he was there and killed it. That’s what I get for trying to keep up with an endurance stunt man and a workaholic.