Suncere is a big man with a big heart. Growing up in a rough neighborhood in DC, Suncere found his calling after he was beaten almost to death along with a good friend of his by a large group of police officers while trying to make a complaint at a police station about previous police brutality. Suncere and his friend, took very different paths after the incident. The friend, in a drug induced rage, accidentally shot and killed a child and has spent most of his life in jail. Suncere, after getting some advice from an elder of his community decided to dedicate his life to rising above and creating positive change. That is what got him started in activism. Suncere started a free breakfast program in Asheville (where he now lives) at the Pisgah View Projects. He gets ingredients donated by local restaurants and books donated by local book stores and hosts the event which is open to anyone every Saturday. As the kids fill their plates, Suncere asks about how their grades are and offers ways that they can get involved in taking action to create positive change in the community and elsewhere. Suncere also adopted sixteen orphaned kids in Haiti right after the earth quake and is building a shelter there.