I was assigned to shoot the first Moog Fest in Asheville this weekend for NY TImes. Here’s a link to the slideshow and article. Here are some of the other shots that I liked. It was fun. Big Boi killed it.

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7 Responses to “Moog”

  1. 1 matt

    killed it.

  2. 2 muji

    lovely shots. surprised to see myself and friends in your slideshow (devo and flame heads)!

  3. 3 Bryan Derballa

    Killer job. Keep Asheville weird!

  4. 4 angelo

    Aweseome shots! I was there on Saturday night and took some pics also. Heres the link:

  5. 5 Lafleur

    goddamn that splash picture! goddamn!

  6. 6 ashley

    oh snap! i’m the girl in the picture that was on the front page of the NY times arts section. hell to the yes. thanks for capturing a very special moment.

  7. 7 Anonymous

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