Each year I spend a week shooting a cruise in the Caribbean. I spend the majority of my time working shooting the Holistic Holiday at Sea which is a vegan/macrobiotic program aboard the ship for that week that involves lectures and classes from the worlds top authorities in health, nutrition, yoga, meditation and lots of other stuff. But for the past two years, I’ve used my free time to focus on the cruise culture outside of the holistic holiday at sea. A cruise ship is a very interesting place to study humans, and that is exactly the purpose of this projects. It is a study of strange human behavior that in general we have come to accept as normal, but in this series, I’m asking you to look again. The structure itself is very strange and says a lot about what many humans value. I also spent time shooting some of the ports which cater to the cruise crowd, which I find just as interesting.
This is not meant to be a criticism of humans, just a curious look at why we do the things we do. Why do we create simulations of an ocean right beside the ocean. Why do we enjoy standing in a line and waving our hands back and forth as directed by a tan Italian dude in white shorts?
I’m including some from last year that I already posted on the blog because I wanted to share the complete series as it stands now.
cruise project001

cruise project002

cruise project003

cruise project004

cruise project005

cruise project006

cruise project007

cruise project008

cruise project009

cruise project010

cruise project011

cruise project012

cruise project013

cruise project014

cruise project015

cruise project016

cruise project017

cruise project018