A few days ago I got a call from Rob asking if I wanted to go to a swimming hole. It was raining, but I’m optimistic. He picked Kristen and I up, scooped Kevin from his house, and headed toward Lake Lure. Lake Lure is a touristy kind of area where they filmed Dirty Dancing and Last of the Mohicans.
lake lure072
Rob knew about this swimming hole called the bottomless pools. It is illegal to swim there or even go there when it’s closed, but I think it’s been out of business for a bit so we barged it.
lake lure073
It was three consecutive waterfalls cascading into small circular pools which were apparently bottomless.
lake lure074 lake lure075 lake lure076 lake lure077
After we got our fill of sliding over waterfalls and then got our fill of less than satisfactory deli sandwiches at a local tourist trap, we decided to head to some nearby caves that Rob had been to.
lake lure078
When we got there we found a sign saying that it was illegal to go in the caves because you could either get diseases from the bats or the bats could get diseases from you… I’m not sure which, but illegal activities in the outdoors was kind of the theme of the day, so we hiked on.
lake lure079 lake lure080 lake lure081 lake lure082
Some of the passages were so narrow that I couldn’t fit through with my backpack and had to pass it through. Kristen also had some trouble squeezin’ her hips through some parts. It was pretty intense climbing both physically and psychologically. It’s pitch dark, it’s claustrophobic even if you’re not, and who knows what kind of bad diseases the open wound on my arm was picking up…
lake lure083 lake lure084
As if it wasn’t sketchy enough as it was, Rob decided to try this death leap. Come up short, broken legs, over shoot… Game over.
lake lure085 lake lure086 lake lure087 lake lure088 lake lure089
The rock that his left hand is on seemed to be suspended in mid air.
lake lure090 lake lure091 lake lure092 lake lure093 lake lure094
There was a buzzard nest right above where we were handing out.
lake lure095
Pretty exhausting day, but well worth it. Another dip in the river was very necessary when we got back to civilization.