Once we got down to Mindanao (the big southern island of the Philippines) we pretty much immediately headed to Camiguin Island where Kristen’s Aunt and Uncle live. We stayed in Camiguin for 9 days, but for the later half I was mostly focusing on a story about cock fighting which I can’t show yet. So these are the shots from the first two days.

We got up early to meet Uncle Al who would take us on the 5 or 6 hour journey to Camiguin.

After a few hours on a bus we got to the port where we would take a short ferry to Camiguin.

Often people who are traveling through throw change into the ocean for the local kids to dive down and retrieve.

Kristen and Al waiting for the ferry.

Camiguin is a very small island and everybody knows each other. This is Al and Jane’s neighbor.

This is the only public transportation in Camiguin. A “Sikad” ride costs about 14 cents US to get across town.

The house was right by the ocean so we walked along the beach and met lots of fishermen and women and kids.

Jane and Al’s front porch. This house would be considered very nice in the States, but in this area it’s like a mansion.

The market.

The girl on the back is Jane and Al’s daughter, Janine. She spent most of the week preparing for a performance for the big upcoming fiesta.

Kristen and I took our first sunset stroll along the beach.

I shot until there was no light left to shoot.

We got a very early start on a very full second day in Camiguin. First we took a small boat out to “White Island” A nice little sand bar a couple hundred yards off of the main island.

There are two volcanoes on the island. One already erupted a few decades ago and the other one is going to erupt… some time.

I was challenged to climb all the way up to the top of this coconut tree and get a coconut, but this is as far as I made it.

I came across a farmer giving his carabao a mud bath.

We checked out an amazing waterfall. They had captured a monkey and chained it to some bamboo.

Jane and Al thought we might want to hike up the mountain and see the 12 stations of the cross depicted by these sculptures. It would have been more fun if it wasn’t 100 degrees out.
“Jesus looks upon his mother’s face”

“talk to the hand”

Next stop. A giant cross that you can climb up. Like I said before… The Philippines are VERY Catholic.

Inside the cross.

There are a bunch of springs on Camiguin. This is called the soda springs because the water that comes out of the earth here tastes like soda. There are also a couple of hot springs.

A high school practices for the Fiesta parade.

No shortage of carabao or farmers here.
More from Camiguin coming soon!