Random singles.

This one took a couple tries.

Attempt one.


This is Luke being tatted by Danny. Danny’s tatoos have become somewhat of a fad in Asheville lately amongst my friends. You will hear more about Luke’s tattoos and reckless behavior in an upcoming blog.

Molnar with his fresh Danny tat.

Ross with Danny tat.

Gotta love this guy.

Speaking of love and lovable people… I hold a special place in my heart for Dylan.

And Dylan holds a special place in his heart for fire spinners.

My good friend Chris put on a local theatrical production of “The Fantastics” and invited me to come shoot the performance.

Drag queen preparing for a show at Scandals.

30 minutes of spinning.

I have been doing a lot of political shooting. I like to try to get at least one shot for me at each event.

Yeti and I had some fun with double exposures.

All you Asheville heads check out the new Thread Magazine. I gots some photos up in that sucka’, and there is lots of awesome art and other entertainment to enjoy in there as well.