My favorite photography job of the year.
My parents put on a cruise every year for Macro-Biotics and vegans. It’s been growing every year. This year they had 1,000 people, which is the most that they were allowed to book on the ship. We went to San Juan, St Maarten, Tortola, and Grand Turk. I brought Kristen and my brother brought his friend Nate.

I can’t believe people get up at 7AM on a cruise when they don’t have to.

First stop San Juan Puerto Rico. This was by far my favorite stop, but we got there at 5PM so I didn’t have much light time.

There is a huge number of stray cats in San Juan.

Kristen playing with the medium format.

Back on the ship. This is my Dad. He is somewhat of a celebrity among these health folks.

This is Nate, Justin’s boisterous friend.

I was stoked because this year Vegetarian Times magazine said they wanted to focus more on people, fun and camaraderie rather than the food itself and they said that they would have their photographers do the food shots afterwards. I don’t know why they didn’t want me to do the food shots. As you can see here I’m the best in the biz.

I still had to do some food shots for my parents though. Want to hear a bad vegan joke that I heard on the cruise? To bad I’m gonna tell you anyway.
What was wrong with the vegan French Toast?
It was missing a little body.

This is the story of Justin on this cruise. He is now single and got a crush on some animal rights enthusiast girl, and spent the first few days gazing at her from afar until he finally talked to her some time between San Juan and St Maarten.

I didn’t shoot any in St Maarten because I was busy getting sun burned at the beach. After that was Tortola. There was so much rad stuff to shoot, but you could tell that the locals hated tourists, so I couldn’t get many portraits.

There are about as many lizards in Tortola as there are cats in San Juan.

A lot of my shots from Tortola look all commercialy because I was shooting for veg times and for my parents web site. This was at a botanical garden.

This for example is a shot that would definitely not exist if I was just shooting for myself.

Kristen shot this one of Justin being all athletic.

I liked the reflection this window made, but I didn’t want to be in the shot so I camouflaged myself into the scene. Clever, clever.

Extatic dance back on the boat.

Toga night.

Last stop Grand Turk

Again with the commercial stuff. Work is work.

I guess this lady was sad to be getting back on the ship and heading back to every day life. Or maybe she just hates tropical paradise.

Here are a few more San Juan shots that I couldn’t help but make Black and White: