The above quote is a excerpt from a legendary freestyle by Justin Fyle. I’ve been waiting for the opportune time to use it.

Molnar got his hair did.

His hair dresser, Ashley kept on dropping things over and over. Molnar was patient with her and didn’t seem to mind a bit.

Brunt shaved his head to pay respects to Swayze. Actually he just accidentally set the guarder too low on his clippers. It happens.

Ashley was all about getting her cleavage properly documented and Molnar kindly obliged.

24.5% Gangstaaaaaaaaaaaa

Once the cut was done, we took it to the skreets.

Molnar’s air. Must be the due.

I shot this one upside down and then flipped that shit for all you ingrates out there.

Molnar picks his nose more than any other human alive.

He took the corn rows out the next day which puts Molnar back at 13% Gangster.