Here’s some stuff I’ve been working on lately.

This is Foul Mouth Jerk’s new album cover. This was the first roll of color film I’ve shot on medium format. Jerk’s album is coming out in like a month and it’s amazing everyone buy it.

This is the back cover. The album is called “Streetlight Music”. Each of those lights was covered with spiders. SOOOOOO SKETCHY!

I think this will be for a poster or something. This one is a digi.

This shot was inspired by a line is one of his songs “Blue eyed, devilishly handsome.”

Brunt came along for one of our shoots and took pics of me taking pics.

This is the pic that I was taking just then.

This was from the same roll. Kristen when we were in Savannah.

This is another digi from the graveyard in Savannah.

I’ve been taking food photos for a company in London. My mom cooks it and Kristen designs the set and I shoot it and we all get $$$.

Ice cream is hard to shoot. I only had one try with the frosted glass and unmelted ice cream.

I did some event photography for Organicfest.

Kristen’s Lil bro’ Simon has been asking for a photo shoot for months and he was kind enough to buy me a nice pillow for my birthday so I hooked him up.

We went with the poetic gangsta look.

It rained inside.

fashion shoot at Jon’s. He let me light and shoot it, but the red and the light in the shot were his ideas.

We also shot a commercial starring this guy as a drug dealer in Jail. He was an amazing actor. He was the nicest guy and was actually somewhat effeminate but could just snap into this character in a second. Fun Stuff. I’m leaving for Columbia, SC today for the weekend. Laters.