103 degrees in the shade.

Kristen and I went to her home town of Savannah. It was my first time and her first time back in many years. It was hot, but we had a blast.

Kristen’s uncles live there. This is Uncle Rick. He has a radio program on RPR. He is very knowledgeable, hospitable, and he had liquor…able.

da beach. We went to the beach to watch a meteor shower.

This is Uncle Nate. He works for a local News station as a camera man. He is also very knowledgeable. So knowledgeable in fact, that wherever he gets an idea instead of a light bulb popping up above his head like everyone else his head actually explodes.

These guys had several ideas, but none of them were as good as Nate’s.

The uncles also work on films and other productions in the area. This was a music video shoot.

Savannah is very photogenic due in part to the abundance of Spanish moss.

This was called the “scent garden” or “fragrance garden” or “garden-o-smellz” or something.

Graveyards are sick. Savannah graveyards are Plague sick.

Spanish Moss + Camera + Death = $CHA-CHING$

This was John Mercer’s family plot. I don’t know who that is.

It’s a nice place to visit, buuuuuuuut I ain’t tryin’ to move in any time soon.

This one is famous. It’s really creepy.

I shot a medium format here too. You shall see it later.

I got bit by lots of mosquitoes while taking this picture. And a the dumpster at the top of the stairs smelled less than wonderful. I’m not particularly fond of the picture, but I had to post it to justify my hardships.


Also guy

I found some amazing skate spots. This wall of flatbars was pretty cool.

Last night in town. One more trip to the beach. Swimming with dolphin and jellyfish.

I have been wanting to find one of these rock barrier things for a while so I could try this effect. Last shot of the trip. Time for the long trek home…

First roll of Medium Format

So I decided as a photographer, that I can’t let film pass me bye. So I got an old Mamiya medium format camera. I love it! It’s all I want to shoot with now. Here’s a few from my first roll. Another is in progress.

This is coondog. He has been sitting out by the road listening to country music in front of his house/”new and slightly used goods” store for as long as I can remember.

He is about 15 percent coherent. He was saying something about fighting when he was a kid. Coon dog is a true American hero.

They tore down a hotel on Tunnel Rd.

Betty Anna goes to the college I went to. She has a degree in everything ever including criminal justice.