Weekend with Will

My old friend Will Addy came back into town this weekend. Will and I were best friends a while back and then he just disappeared one day and I didn’t see him for several years. It was a joyous reunion when he showed back up for a few days.

Turns out will is a photographer now as well.

We walked around and found cool stuff to take pictures of.

Graveyards are always fun.

made some new friends.

This guy pulled up while I was shooting photos of this old guy in Saluda named Coondog. But you can’t see him until I get my film developed. I shot him with my new Medium format camera.

Things got more artsy as the weekend went on. Light cobra.

Inch worm attack.

Will’s a real Jokester. It was awesome having him around for a few days. Hope we don’t go another 4 years before we hang out again.

Death 4 Lyfe.

They should make an infant zombie movie. Crawling zombies would be quality entertainment.

This cat was at the Riverside Cemetery. We went there for a picnic. The cat was all about posing for photos.

This guy was a history teacher. He told us about all of the dead folk and his plans of writing a book about them.

Kristen has a good “I’m totally interested in what you are saying” face. Fools me every time.

We let Ngari play outside now so he will take his aggression out on little furry animals instead of my balls while I’m sleeping.

He caught it and let it go over and over until he was so tired he couldn’t walk anymore.

Chris Head’s car broke down in Asheville so I took him to my favorite place in the world in hopes that it would help him forget about the mechanic bill.

This was the first time I’ve really gotten to hang with Chris. He is an awesome dude, and the smartest person I know.

Kristen was upset because I was not completely honest about weather or not there would be crayfish at the waterfall.

Hunt, Swett, Chelsea and I went to Charleston.

It was inTENSE!

Blog, meet Chelsea. This is Mike Swett’s… (I think I have to be delicate with words here…) Intimate friend?

I took them to one of my favorite hang out spots. the big tree was still there, but the lake was looking a bit different from last week.

Mic got stuck in the quicksand.

I would have helped, but I was wearing my good shoes, and I was busy documenting.

Mike lost a leg in the effort, but he’s a tough guy. Walk it off Ol’ chap.

We went down town just in time for the gay parade.

I got a handout flyer for gay.

It was pretty convincing and it looks like lots of fun…But I concluded that the D aint for me.

Yeah, yeah I’m sure.

I have no idea how to spell Chamsey’s name, but I ran into him in Greenville.

Me, Justin and Rorey went out to this baby six stair rail. All together we probably did about 25 or 30 tricks on it.

This is your face on drugs

This is your face on alcohol

This is your face on hand rails.

This is your face on frontside boardslides.

this is what happens to your face when you fall on it… Really hard.