Hook Man

I went to South Carolina this weekend. I found “Hook Man” and his wife Dora (I don’t know her real name, because she didn’t speak or respond in any way).

One week of Italy

My Mom is a travel agent and got invited to VIP inaugural sailing of Costa’s new cruise boat in Italy. I was her guest.

I don’t remember if this was sunrise or sunset. It all blends together on long flights like this.


First stop Palermo, Sicily.


…Agreed. Day 2 in Polermo.

We found the sickest market I’ve ever seen. A photographers paradice.

This is their version of zucchini.

We explored the area surrounding the market for a bit.

Polermo is know for it’s lazy dogs. They just lie on the sidewalk and don’t move all day.

We had to make one more quick stop at the market though.

Imagine if this was your father and you didn’t make him proud.

We left that market and walked along this street market for a while.

Teatro Massimo: 3rd biggest opera house in the world.

Back of the boat for the long trek up to Northern Italy.

Being on the ship was amazing too because since it was just for the travel agents and journalists etc, it wasn’t all crowded and EVERYTHING was free! I got to try all of the baller drinks that I’ve never been able to afford.

Desert buffet.

Art buffet

There was a chocolate bar where you could get all kinds of exotic chocolates and fruit dipped in this chocolate fountain, and all kinds of amazing coffee drinks… All free of course.

5 bucks goes to the first person who can figure this one out. *Hint- no photoshop. Single exposure.

We arrive in Venice after a full day and night at sea.

We took a water bus to a cemetery island.

Stacks of death

This lady was cleaning off the stones.

Then to Venice proper.

San Marco Cathedral is the most famous sight in Venice.

…For it’s pigeons as well as it’s unbelievable architecture and immense mosaics inside.

judging only from a brief observation, I figure that she makes about 30 Euros an hour. Not a bad livin’ ay?

Venice is also famous for it’s gondoliers.

Half of the paved roads dead end into water roads and it gets really confusing.

Charming gondolier

Bye bye Venice. We spent the night on the ship that night, but got off early in the morning, packed up our stuff and headed to Verona.

Semi long train ride.

Verona is most famous for being the setting of Romeo and Juliet.

This was our pad.

France was here…we we.

Verona’s version of Prichard Park minus the skate spot.

The Arena.

Mom’s shoes got uncomfortable so I let her stroll in style for a while.

Oldest market in Europe

I shot an ad for Verizon…

It rained for a few minutes

We ate gelato and waited it out.

They are just as easy to find over there.

Mom got some new undies

Special Olympics in Verona

I couldn’t figure out weather this nun was telling me that it was ok or not ok for me to take her picture. I went with the more convenient answer

Ciao Italia! Thanks for the good times!