…and then…

The super mega portrait blog is well under way. I should be done very soon. For now here’s a few randoms.

Valentines day adventures.

I got another new lens. Thanks Mom!

My porch. Not my plant or my cat food.

We went to Greenville to skate.

Then we cruised home.
That’s all you get now.

Skateboarding is radical

It’s hard to skate as much as I want to these days, but when we do it is always good times. This was last weekends skateboarding adventures.

First spot of the day, huge 12 stair. I tried this ollie a few months ago and shattered my board and bruised my heels.

Justin didn’t have so much trouble.

Jake is a ninja.

Brunt, with his newly trimmed hawk, was videoing with his digi-cam.

Unfortunately Jacob’s ollie attempt ended much like mine did. We will count the one he did before this though, so he did better than me.

Took it straight to the knee.

Brunt doing what he does best.

Jacob was on photo duty for the rest of the day.

Then we went to Asheville school to this seemingly perfect rail. This is the second time I’ve tried to skate here, it’s a known fact that a session there can never last more than 10 minutes before you get the boot.

Also you have to run through a doorway and set up on the roughest bricks ever. So it’s really hard to get set up.

Molnar hates when we skate rails all day.

I made it just as the teacher was walking up to kick us out.

Then we went to Enka rail, but the roll up is just as bad there and we weren’t feelin it.

Jacob is actually a pretty damn good photographer.

I’ve been working with Jon Menick 5 days a week. He is starting a business and we needed to shoot some stuff for the website.

We brought these three cute little girls in. (Riley, Maggy, and Chloe)

And this is there Mom.

The deal is that they get their portraits shot in the studio with Jon in Colonial Gear and then they get a tea party.

The makeup lady was an hour late. Jon says people are way more flaky in Asheville than anywhere else that he has worked.

Maggy is an awesome conversationalist. Any time there was a short pause in our conversation she would blurt out a word like “Waterfalls” and then we would talk about waterfalls for a while.

I think they had fun.

Meanwhile Mom gets dolled up.

They thought my bounce was the coolest thing they had ever seen.

I tried to teach them how to fold it back up, but they never quite got it.

Then I taught them how to actually use it to get that nice golden trim.

I have a ridiculous amount of photos of Maggy being cute.

Jon shot some really cool stuff in the studio. It looked nothing like this.

The chef was two hours late so we had to keep three hungry kids entertained

She came through though.

It was really fun to shoot and they seemed to enjoy it too. If you have 500ish dollars and are trying to have a bangin ass tea party and get some sweat portraits hollerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So much to blog so little time

I’m either working or interning 12 hrs a day, so it’s hard to find time to get on a computer. I don’t even know where to start…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….CUP CAKE.

Kristen made this for me… so sweet.

We had an all skater art show, but Brunt already filled you in on that. My parents came to support.

Molnar prays to the tip gods.

Brunt’s last minute art… I can’t talk, I was framing thirty minutes before the show started.

Speaking of Brunt… He finally turned 21. We’re all hoping that in a drunken stupor he will finish his video.

I’ll let him do the main coverage on his blog since it was his birthday and all. This one pretty much sums it up.

Brunt remembers very little from the night. Partially because he drank all day but mostly because I used my trusty Men In Black mind eraser on him.

I don’t remember what I ate.

Rob doesn’t remember…dude, what was I talking about? hahahahahahaha.

My brother and his girlfriend moved into a new house. Neither of the two pictured above are my brother or his girlfriend, but they had a get together at the new place for quiche and Nate and his dog came (see picture above).

Ngari would eat that dog.

This is My brother’s girlfriend Lindsey. This I think this is her lovebryan debut (I can’t believe I just spelled debut first try).

Kristen and I were out driving the other day when came across a sign that said “drive in theater” We got all excited because we didn’t think there was a drive in around here. This is what the sign was referring to.

This was the viewing area.

Kristen was telling me about a picture of a kid that she saw on the side of an Ingles truck. He was making this face.

We snooped around for a while until the owner came out and told us that our kind wasn’t welcome ’round here.

In skateboarding news. We found a skatable pool in Asheville.

Tranny ripper, Eric Hunt was pleased.

I hate flashes. Hunt ollies somewhere.

Then it got light out again and Rory did a 5-0.

Molnar is too much ripper for one skateboard.

Censored for the protection of Jon Molnar.

Justin Kickflicked a ten stair.

But he fell.

There’s always next time.

Justin cheers up with a little roof grind.

Hunt is a Hustle King

Now that I got my new lens I can take cliche’ smoking pictures.

Ngari’s nose makes a good Fallen logo.
I have way more shit to blog, but you must wait.