It was a winter wonderland in Asheville a few days ago. Today it was like 75 degrees. Fuckin’ El Nino.

Ngari watches Kristen make fog art.

The world is your canvas.

We had to un freeze the car before leaving.

Our Christmas tree flew away.

I didn’t realize that parking lots could be such a blogging paradise.

Jacob eats vegans

I don’t know.

full fledged dance party

How come when Bryan gets bored he goes and climbs a tower with a city view or goes to Thailand, and I’m stuck taking pictures of these ass holes jumping in a parking lot.

Jake made a friend.

I bought this for a buck at some weird consignment shop. It was full of cheerful old ladies who made silly remarks about my lazy eyed owl.

Eric’s Whiskey face doesn’t seem nearly as bad next to a bobbly eyed owl.

Eric cleans up nice

Greg and Greg art.

Ngari ate all of my friends.

…Survival of the fittest I suppose

I have a strange obsession with getting cool numbers on my odometer. 123456 was the most epic moment of my life.

I have to be a professional food photographer in a month and a half, so I’m practicing lighting on a potpourri right now.

Kristen fixed the button on my coat, thanks.