Well I got two guesses as to how much was in the Box-O-Change. My guess was $275. Bryan guessed that it was more than $4, and Pat guessed $300.

The total was actually $291.46. My brother’s girlfriend, Lindsey also guessed $300 which made her the closest out of anyone who was involved in our little family bet by $4. She gets $30 as a reward. If I was in California I would give Pat a pat on the back.

Well that’s about all I have to report right now. Here’s a couple of pics from this week.

This would be a view of Asheville, but instead it’s a view of fog.

I always keep water by the bed for when I wake up thirsty. It’s usually not there when I wake up.

Once he gets down to where he can’t reach the water anymore he shuvs it onto the floor where he can finish it off.