Last weekend Hunt, Jacob, Justin and I went to Columbia for the premier of the Nobyle video.

For the drive down Justin had the camera in the back seat.

Given my luck with the law, I’m lucky to have made it through this trip without getting locked up.

Eric on a mission.

Jacob likes the D… Doughnuts of course.

When we got there we had a raging mini ramp sesh. The ramp wasn’t big enough for Justin. He was the first person ever to hit the tree beside the ramp.

After that we went to the burrito spot. Jacob won’t turn down a dare. Two cup of the hottest of the hot sauce.

…to the dome.

The video was called Dirtbags. The most fitting name for a video ever. Dusty in usual form.

After the premier bands played and we beat each other up. Beer was flying everywhere… hence the lack of photos, and Jacob almost got in a couple of fights. Then we went to the bar were Jacob got kicked out 3 times. Each time he would rush the door again and walk up to where we were all hanging out for about two seconds before getting drug out by the bouncer again.

When you wake up in South Carolina you just feel like you need to brush your teeth… and clean your tongue… and get tested for aids.

There used to be two benches at Owens Field, but now theirs a bench and a bathtub.

I make this face when I miss tricks.

This guy has proof that I can sometimes kickflip noseblunt.

This one is neat-o because the wall says “Eric” and the person on the skateboard is also named Eric. What a concept.

Justin got right with God.

Wang (the filmer in the earlier photo) took us to this ditch by his house.

Jacob flicked a proppa hardflip

Justin got an art-on

I was inspired by Justin’s art and did a little arting of my own.

We skated some more, but I got a little chipsky so I was over it.

Everyone else looked pretty over it too, so we began our journey home.

Thanks to Jacob demanding a pit stop for an emergency shit break, we got off on an exit with a Chuck-E-Cheese’s. Eric found this in the parking lot.

I had never been to a Chuck-E-Cheese’s before (being raised by health hippies and all) but I could tell by everyone else’s excitement that I was in for a treat.

This ride was supposed to fly, but I don’t think he was doing it right.

Justin and Eric double-teamed the whack-a-mole. It was cute.

Those two girls in the background informed me that my undies were showing.

It was sooooo embarrassing.

Eyez on the prizzzzze.

These tunnels looked fun, but they are pretty rough on the knees and smell like a fresh diaper.

Does anyone know who Shoo Shoo is?

This kid pretty much ran the spot.

But we were cool with him so he let us keep playing.

This one was the bully. He was walking around punching little girls and robbin