I’m heading out to Frisco on Wednesday! Hopefully these can tide you over till the WEST COAST MEGA BLOG!

Loving father or Chester the Molester? What do YOU think?

This was my first time taking part in Belle Chere during the day. It was alright I suppose.

From the looks of it this guy needs to start exploring some other options. I hear Buddhism is hot right now.

Jessy and Kim went out west and left their new house and dog (Laser/Tank) in the care of this man.

Me and some homies entered the 48 hr film contest. It was super fun and Mike (this guy) won best actor. He had never acted in anything in his life prior to this project. Props to him.

I spent so much time trying to make this picture look good on photoshop, but it’s still pretty dumb. I guess cows are just boring.

There are only two reasons to EVER go into Wild Wing Cafe’. And this is one of them.

The dude who’s website you are currently looking at is in town. It’s awsome having him around.

I wonder how many pictures of people jumping into water there are on this website… One more than there was.

There is ALWAYS room for a Vamp grab. Especially one in mid front flip. MolGnar lives up to the name.

A Carolina born Mountain man in his natural habitat.