This is kind of a catch up blog. It spans a couple of weeks. Some of the events blogged may have already been covered by other bloggers, but this is my take on things.

First off I’m psyched because ITALIA took out Germany yesterday.

After the game we went to this spot that I never really get to skate cause It’s pretty far out, but it is probably my favorite spot in Western NC.

Meanwhile the rest of the gang was playing with their newly acquired Carrot top wig.

Brunt didn’t have any Germany geer to rep so he decided to hold it down for Bud instead.

Satan aka Ted was cheering me on.

After skating we met up with Hunt and went out to Triple falls which was the raddest waterfall I’ve ever been to. Aside from the hundreds of people that were there it was perfect. The water fall experience will be elaborated on in Brunt’s next blog. I didn’t bring my camera.
It started pouring down rain and hail while we were there so we had a long wet walk back to the car.

We stopped at this church to peep skate spots and change into dry cloths.

All of the spots at the church were good, but pretty gnarly so the session ended up being the grass hill.

Skip to nighttime in Asheville. 4th of July fireworks attract way to many people to down town. Snakes are the shit… Spiders can all die.

We all met back up at Vance to be patriotic.

While we were waiting…

Lot’s of winners down town.

Satan was praying for a disaster.

We left before the it was over so we could go back to Molnar’s and shoot off our own fireworks, but nobody made the trip to South Carolina to get the good stuff so this is about as epic as it got.

The following are just a few random photos that I’ve been sitting on for a minute.

White skirts are the best thing ever.

I probably should have submitted this one for creepy.

I walk around trying new camera trick all the time. This one still needs some work, but it has potential.

John at an art show a while back.

Lizards are the shit… All spiders can die!