The first blog I ever did on this site was from last years Coon Dog Day. For those of you who have not seen it… I live in a small town in North Carolina. Every July we have a grand festival in celebration of Coon Dogs.

This is a coon dog. They are a redneck’s best friend.

Their job is to chase the coon into the tree and bark at it until the redneck can shoot it out of the tree.

As ridiculous as it is, Coon Dog Day draws in thousands of people from all over. Some come to pay homage to these coon-chasing K9s, and others just come for the photo ops.

I was standing at the very end of the street so by the time the parade got to me everyone seemed to be pretty over it.

This guy has been training all year for this.

Don’t fuck with the clowns.

Very little of the parade has anything to do with coon dogs.

Apparently pink is in this year.

…Going places

Goats are kinda like coon dogs.

A good soldier never leaves a man behind.

There was a much better sign about eating coons, but I’m holding out for the EAT installment of broken branches.

Incase you are wondering, that IS exposed ball sack you’re looking at.

I bet if you threw that lady in the water she would swim. I should have been in Salem back in the day. I know a witch when I see one.

I move to elect a new queen

This could be my favorite picture I’ve ever taken. I was seriously intimidated by this kid, I felt like he could have just snapped his fingers and had me taken out.

This guy lives right down the street from me. I’ll be coming home at like 4 in the morning and he will be driving this thing in the middle of the road with no lights on heading for the gas station. I have almost hit him so many times. Kristen has nightmares about him.

Sometimes I have nightmares about this chick.

This is my brother Justin and his homie Nate. They are good peeps.

This is my lovely photo assistant. She was on hand and ready at all times with lenses etc. She also snapped a few pics herself. The following two pictures were taken by her.

Battle to the…



I’m not sure why I ended up with so many pictures of kids… I guess they were just having more fun.

The shirt says it all.

Coon Dog day kinda makes you feel like this.