Meet ROB.

Rob had a good day today. Things are looking up for Rob indeed. He has a successful business and a wife who loves him. All the children in the town look to Rob for guidance and answers to some of life’s most difficult questions like “which board does the best tricks?” And “Which griptape is best for darkslides?”

This is Brunt. Brunt is grumpy because his friends woke him up at 4PM to go skate. Brunt is still a bit drunk following a night of King Cobra, Pabst, and gambling away other people’s money. You could say Brunt’s 40 bottle is half empty.

Rob ate his Wheaties this morning. He is high on life and ready to rip.

I have to apologize for snapping this photo too early. Rob peaked this method about 15 feet higher than this.

After this Judo air a scout for Nike approached Rob about signing a contract and getting his own shoe. Rob was like “No way brah, I’m a soul skater. I just do it for the fans man.”

Rob had to busts a Christ air for your sins.

Brunt still hates life. He hates skating Rob’s bullshit hippie tree spots and he hates you. Brunt attempts a tree ride but his board has other plans.

Brunt’s board would rather take a swim.

“Who the fuck put a goddamn river there?” Brunt hates you for laughing at this photo.

Photos of Brunt are blurry to convey the fury and drunkenness of Brunt. It’s artistic interpretation, NOT technical error… Fuck off.

Still got pop? No, because Jesus does not love Chris Brunt.

Will focusing a board bearfoot make you look tough? Maybe, but it will also make you have bruised heels… Life sucks.

What a shitty day, maybe tomorrow will be better… Probably not. LAME.